'True Blood' Mastermind Alan Ball Teases Russell And Sophie-Anne Wedding, Witches In Season 4

The Comic-Con "True Blood" interviews continue! First, Joe Manganiello told ushis fans want to be licked, then Kristin Bauer gave us a little more insight into Pam's backstory.

Today, we bring you news from "True Blood" mastermind and all-around TV/film genius, Alan Ball (and yes, he is as fabulous in person as you would want him to be!). During our chat he revealed he'd like to get as many non-humans into the show as possible, as well as a few juicy season 3 and 4 teasers. 

"I feel the more supernatural creatures we can get in there, the more interesting the world is," Alan said. "If it’s just about vampires, then, OK, alright. But if you’ve got vampires and shifters and werewolves, you know, whatever Sookie turns out to be." 

Alan promised even more non-human action in coming seasons. "In season four there will be witches and some of the characters we’ve known all along will have powers that maybe they didn’t even know about," he said. "That’s where it gets fun storytelling-wise because you have so many doors to open."

Naturally he knows better than to reveal major end-of-season spoilers (bummer!), but we tried our darndest to get him to reveal his plans for the possible wedding of King Russell (Denis O'Hare) and Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood).

And this writer, being a huge fan of the books, wanted to know specifically if that relationship works out the way it does in Charlaine Harris' world. To that, Alan replied: "That I’m not sure about that. That’s in the future."

Deftly dodged! Alan did say that the King continues to pursue the Queen, which we already guessed. "He wants to marry her and we will see if he’s successful at it. We will see that this season—whether or not he is successful." So take that how you will. 

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