Angelina Jolie Joins Twitter And 'iCarly' Has A Pajama Party In Today's Tweet Dreams

Angelina JolieThe biggest news to hit the Twitterverse today....Angelina Jolie has joined! But, don't get too excited, Crushers, as the "Salt" star (who took over the previously taken account name @AngelinaJolie) has not only protected her tweets, but has no followers and isn't following anyone...yet! While we can't wait to see what Angie has to say in 140 characters or less, the news has bummed out another famous tweeters. Conan O'Brien joked, "Angelina Jolie is joining Twitter. If she thinks she can lure away my core audience of young male teens she.....I'm screwed."

Meanwhile, the cast of "iCarly" was keeping anything but quiet. Jennette McCurdy told fans, "It's pajama day here on the icarly set. Wearing pj's makes life more pleasant" and her co-star, Miranda Cosgrove, later tweeted, "Pajama Day on the iCarly set was a major success!"

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@jenniwoww off to ring the NYSE bell this morning don't miss it!!!

-J-WOWW, Reality Star ("Jersey Shore")

@keeganallen Pretty Little Liars one step closer to unlocking some secrets tonight. It's like clue...but Sexier.

-Keegan Allen, Actor ("Pretty Little Liars")

@coltonlhaynes Just finished episode 12! One more to go...crazy

-Colton Haynes, Actor ("The Gates")

@adamlevine Can't wait for the beacon theater tonight! Filming a concert live is simultaneously the most thrilling and most terrifying thing ever.

-Adam Levine, Musician (Maroon 5)

@chris_daughtry Totally forgot the lyrics to the second verse of It's Not Over...what's that about!!!??

-Chris Daughtry, Singer

@jojoistheway Gentlemen, I advise you not to date a singer/songwriter. We will write songs about yo a**. The good, bad, and ugly.

-JoJo, Singer

@ddlovato Dear Twitter, you aren't my boyfriend anymore.

-Demi Lovato, Singer, Actress ("Camp Rock," "Sonny With a Chance")

@rachelnichols1 DORK ALERT: sometimes I write tasks that I've already completed on my TO DO list just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off!

-Rachel Nichols, Actress ("Star Trek")

@stephaniepratt I have a new terrible habit of spitting out my drink when I laugh... No self control

-Stephanie Pratt, Reality Star ("The Hills")

@adriannecurry Am i the only person who secretly wishes I had my own hot Tub Time Machine? 1996, Here I come!

-Adrianne Curry, Model, Reality Star ("America's Next Top Model")