'Sucker Punch' Trailer Is Awesome, But Leaves Us Wanting More

Sucker PunchZack Snyder has always had a talent for making completely epically awesome trailers for his films, regardless of whether they end up living up to the hype ("Watchmen," I'm looking at you). "Sucker Punch" looks like it is no different, though the trailer (which premiered on Apple last night) actually makes me feel like I know less after watching it than I did before. After all, if "Sucker Punch" is supposed to be "Alice in Wonderland" with machine guns, then why are there giant samurai and dragons?

Based on the reaction to the "Sucker Punch" footage shown at Comic-Con (which I believe included a lot of what we see in the trailer), the visual aspect of the film will hold true to the promise of the trailer. This is Zack's first film based solely off whatever madness goes on in his head, since the rest of them ("Dawn of the Dead," "300," "Watchmen" and the upcoming "Legend of the Guardians") were all adapted from other works. The success of "Sucker Punch" will most likely make or break Zack as a director, considering this is the first time he has only his own ideas to bring to the big screen.

Emily Browning rocks it in the trailer as Baby Doll, the film's main character who exists both in the reality of the mental institution and the alternate reality with the samurai and dragons. We also get a good look at Jena Malone as Rocket, but I'm a bit disappointed we weren't known Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie or Jamie Chung as Amber. In case you missed it, that was Carla Gugino narrating the opening of the trailer as Mrs. Schulz.

Hopefully, once the next trailer comes out, we'll get a better look at Zack's bad ass babes with machine guns instead of the crazy awesome visual effects he put into the film. Also, he teased that there are going to be song and dance numbers in "Sucker Punch" something along the lines of "Moulin Rouge" (for the record, these weren't shown in the Comic-Con footage as well) so I want to know when we're going to be able to see some of those as well.

What did you think of the "Sucker Punch" trailer? Are you excited to get a better look at it beyond the trailer?