Filming 'Footloose' And Kardashian Cameos On '90210' In Today's Tweet Dreams

Today marked the first day of work on the set of "Footloose" for Julianne Hough (pictured), who told followers, "So excited! Headed to LA to start my first day of preproduction on Footloose! Gonna try on the infamous red boots!! :)." Elsewhere, Kim Kardashian joined forces with her sis to make an appearance on one of our favorite shows, tweeting, "Getting ready to film 90210 with @KhloeKardashian !!!"

While some stars had a fun start to the week, others had the less-than-glamorous task of attending jury duty. "Cougar Town" actress Busy Philipps posted, "Member how I had jury duty a few weeks ago? Well, I had to postpone so it's TODAY! Hooray for civil service! Hope I meet some characters..." Turns out, it's very possible to run into another recognizable face, much like it did for "America's Next Top Model" judge Jay Manuel who reported, "How random-Jo Lance a judge from Mexico's Next Top Model is serving jury duty with me 2day. Lol...All we need is @tyrabanks to show up. ;-)"

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@annakendrick47 I utterly failed to reach my 100th tweet this weekend. Comic con was too epic to reduce to 140 characters.

-Anna Kendrick, Actress ("Eclipse," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World")

@yelyahwilliams 2 fans caught me zombie walking from the bus to my hotel room after just waking up. Actually I mightve still been sleeping they spoke to me?

-Hayley Williams, Singer (Paramore)

@kelliepickler Had a dream that I was on Americas Funniest Home Video and won $10,000 and right when they were handing me the check, I woke up!...figures.

-Kellie Pickler, Singer

@tinselkorey This older guy was sitting beside me on the plane & he was holding a Twilight dvd. I silently giggled 2 myself. :) It's everywhere!

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("Eclipse," "New Moon")

@katyperry Jet lag is my middle name...

-Katy Perry, Singer

@pink @danecook I pocket tweeted you! Wow. That was my first time I ever did that. Thnx for responding though haha wonder why my phone chose U

-Pink, Singer

@danecook @Pink what's even stranger is I pocket replied to you.

-Dane Cook, Comedian, Actor ("Employee of the Month")

@aus10nichols @SophiaBush leaves ME breathless

-Austin Nichols, Actor ("One Tree Hill")

@chelseahandler We have a lohan family reunion on tonights show. Its intense

-Chelsea Handler, Comedian, TV Host ("Chelsea Lately")

@mtvsammi Get ready!!! Only a few more days away from Jersey Shore Season 2.

-Sammi 'Sweetheart', Reality Star ("Jersey Shore")