Chord Overstreet: With A Name Like That, You Were Bound To Be Cast On 'Glee'

Chord OverstreetWith a name like Chord, you're destined to do something musical at one point in your life. So today's news that actor Chord Overstreet has just been cast as a recurring character on "Glee" shouldn't be terribly surprising.

According to a report, Chord will play Sam, a McKinley High jock who "starts off as Finn’s protégé but becomes his competition." Maybe Finn will take young Sam under his wing, teach him the secret to staying cool while playing sports and singing in glee club, and then all the girls will fall in love with Sam instead? Or maybe he'll prove to have better singing chops than Finn (not impossible — just sayin') and Rachel will obsess over him.

Regardless of his character's plot line, we expect Chord to fit in harmoniously (see what we did there?!) with the rest of the cast. Dude's got a picture of him playing the guitar on his IMDb page — plus, you know, his name is Chord — so his musical talents had better be good.

Aside from a couple of guest-starring appearances on shows like "iCarly" and this fall's "No Ordinary Family," Chord has a role in the Kellan Lutz/Ashley Greene movie "Warrior." There are a ton of photos of him and Kellan decked out in lacrosse gear together, so clearly Chord 's got some experience playing a high school athlete, too.

What do you think of the new "Glee" casting? Do you think Chord is the right fit for the show? Do you admire our restraint in making chord-related puns in this article?