'Teen Wolf' Details From Colton Haynes: My Character Bullies Tyler Posey

Colton Haynes is leaving "The Gates" behind (OK, not really!) for the hallowed halls of a different high school for the MTV reboot of the classic Michael J. Fox flick, "Teen Wolf." The one hour drama (which began production this summer) will revolve around Tyler Posey taking a stab at playing the iconic 80s character.

When Hollywood Crush caught up with Colton while back to talk about "The Gates," the conversation quickly turned to his role in the much-anticipated new show. Spoiler alert: Despite the title and his penchant for playing werewolves, as far as we know he won't be one this time around.

"I did the pilot [for "Teen Wolf"] and I play a character, [named Jackson], who is a captain of the lacrosse team," he explained about playing Tyler's arch nemesis on the show. "He is not the nicest character. He is definitely a bully to Tyler's character, [Scott McCall], who is the teen wolf. It's going to be an amazing show."

We wouldn't expect anything less! We mean the same guy behind HC's favorite crime drama "Criminal Minds" will also serve as an exec producer. So, we're already sold! "This is not the overly goofy version. I know people love that, but our version is so real and very dark. It comes from Jeff Davis, who did 'Criminal Minds,' so you know it’s a really dark show. It’s nothing like the movie," Colton revealed to blogomatic3000. "The characters are similar and the story is a little similar, but it’s definitely not goofy."

The last we spoke to Colton he had only filmed the pilot, with the fate and future of episodes still unknown, however, at Comic Con tomorrow, exclusive scenes from the series premiere will make their big debut!

Are you excited for "Teen Wolf" to be a TV series? Or are you sick of werewolves by now?