CBS Announces Six-Female Host Talk Show-- Here's How It Can Avoid Being 'The View'

You know what daytime television is missing? More talk shows. At least that's what CBS thought — so they're launching a new one in the fall. Starring a group of famous ladies who also happen to be mothers, the co-hosts "will swap stories, challenge each other on issues, and engage the studio audience and viewers at home about events in the headlines and their own homes through the lens of motherhood," according to the press release. So, basically, "The View" on CBS instead of ABC.

The as-yet-untitled program (names we think should be under consideration: "Suck It, The View," "The Scene You See When You Look Out the Window," or possibly "Not The View, We're On CBS") is based on an idea from Sara Gilbert (a.k.a. Darlene on "Roseanne"), and will star Sara, "Big Brother" host Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, "Celebrity Apprentice" runner-up Holly Robinson Peete, onetime "Saved By the Bell" guest star Leah Remini, and Broadway's Marisa Jaret Winokur.

The idea sounds promising — we're sure stay-at-home moms will eat it up, and a new option in daytime TV viewing is welcome when we're stuck sick at home from school or work — but there are a few things we really don't want to see.

Here's a list of what we hope does NOT grace our TV screens come fall:

A punny name

Dear CBS, please, please don't use the words "mom," "mother," or "mommy" in the show's title. And if you use the font Comic Sans for the logo or credits, we're going to stop watching your network altogether in protest.

Too many details about their kids

The show's about a group of moms talking, so of course they're going to discuss their children. But if the ladies start going over Every. Single. Excruciating. Detail. of every story, we might pull our hair out before the episode is through.

Too much political discourse

Sure, the tension between uber-Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her more liberal co-hosts on "The View" is part of the show's draw, but when things get too heated we just feel awkward. A short, balanced discussion featuring both sides of the debate would be ideal.

Will you watch the new show? Or do you think it's a blatant "The View" rip-off?