'Ramona and Beezus' Director Praises Selena Gomez For Being So 'Generous' To Her Fans

Selena Gomez loves her fans (and admittedly they love her) and we recently learned she displayed that kind of affection on the set of "Ramona and Beezus" (out this Friday), too.

Though director Elizabeth Allen wouldn't divulge too much about what it was like to stay in the same hotel as the "Eclipse" cast while shooting the flick in Vancouver (we imagine Selena had fun... she was reportedly dating Taylor Lautner at the time after all), she was very open to talking about Selena's friendliness to her fans on-set.

"Our cast was staying at the same hotel as the 'Twilight' kids and it was quite a media circus," she told MTV News during the junket for the "Ramona." "But, it was amazing because kids would line up outside our set."

Sure, Elizabeth was astounded by the amount of kids who came out to meet the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star, but she was more surprised by Selena's decision to actually sign all of their autographs. Each and every autograph, day after day. "After an incredibly long day, Selena would walk out and she would not leave the set until she signed every kids' autograph," she recalled. "She was very, very generous."

Are you happy to hear Selena is so gracious to her fans? Have you ever gotten the chance to meet her?