Selena Gomez On 'Letterman' Recap: Hooters, Fried Pickles And Filming 'Monte Carlo'

Selena GomezIt's no secret that your Crush editors have a huuuuge girl crush on Selena Gomez, so we were sure to tune in last night in order to catch the "Ramona and Beezus" star making an appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman." Selena looked fresh-faced and fantastic when she stepped onto the set wearing black peep toe heels, a strapless black-on-white pinstripe dress, and ultra-glam red lipstick... and, uh, we weren't the only ones to notice.

"I know you're a kid... but you don't look 17," Dave guffawed as Selena took her seat. He held up a photo taken earlier in the day that showed the star, casually dressed during a visit to the NYC branch of Hooters. "Here's what I'm talking about. There you are, right there — and when I see this, and then you come out like that..."

Of course, Selena was too polite to do anything but smile and play it cool. But we're not.

Which is to say: Dave, GEEZ. Quit being a filthy creeper and leave the 17-year-old girl alone!

Selena diffused the tension by cheerfully replying, "I like Hooters!," adding that she'd stopped by between media appearances for her latest film in order to chow down on some fried pickles and curly fries.

Fried pickles? Really? "I'm from Texas," she said, laughing. "We fry everything. Fried butter, fried Oreos, fried Twix, fried Twinkies..."

(Note: There may have been other fried foods in this list, but we were too busy drooling on the remote control to write them down.)

But enough about deep-fried this-and-that — Selena's got much more going on. After getting her high school diploma this year, the star headed overseas for four months to work on her new film, "Monte Carlo." The trip took her all over Europe, from Paris to London to Budapest and beyond. So, Dave wanted to know, which city was her favorite?

Selena answered right away, "Paris was my favorite!", then added, "Although I felt very alone there. It's romantic, but I'm, like, with my mom."

Awww! But with her 18th birthday coming up, she'll certainly get her chance to experience l'amour... or not. According to Selena, her romantic life will still be under pretty tight parental control. "Nothing's going to change. Same curfew, same dating rules, everything."

...And that sound you hear is every teenage boy in the United States, screaming "NOOOOOO!" at the same time.

Did you catch Selena on Letterman?