Lindsay Lohan Heads To Jail And Jason Stackhouse Gets A Twitter Trend In Today's Tweet Dreams

Lindsay LohanToday, the Hollywood universe and the Twitterverse revolved around Lindsay Lohan beginning her jail sentence. While the troubled star has had plenty of negative press in light of her troubles with the law, she had plenty of support from her fellow famous tweeters. "Lizzie McGuire" actress Davida Williams posted, "I love you @LindsayLohan hang in there." And, model/reality star Adrianne Curry shared her thoughts with: "I think lindsay lohan is an amazing actress who needs 2 get her life on track.People bash her at her lowest, and thats pathetic."

On the subject of trending topics, Jason Stackhouse, took the crown yesterday as people were still talking about the latest episode of "True Blood." The man behind the abs name, actor Ryan Kwanten posted today, "Was an honor to wake up yesterday to see Jason Stackhouse trending. Great to know you enjoy watching him as much as I enjoy playing him."

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@jenniwoww its 4 oclock and im just starting my day.... i really need to stop going to bed at 6 every night....

-J-WOWW, Reality Star ("Jersey Shore")

@juliannehough I'm at the DMV for my birthday... License expires today... Lol

-Julianne Hough, Reality Star ("Dancing With the Stars")

@petewentz Just did a cool lil segment for @markhoppus new show. Check it out when it airs.

-Pete Wentz, Musician (Fall Out Boy)

@iansomerhalder Had a dream I presented an Emmy to my brother Matthew Fox. Lots of fun! Blast it out into universe and it'll happen- blast away my friends!

-Ian Somerhalder, Actor ("The Vampire Diaries," "Lost")

@gillesmarini Going to the "Charlie St Cloud" premiere tonight with my great friend Donal Logue. He's part of the cast . Congrats brother!

-Gilles Marini, Actor, Reality Star ("Sex and the City," "Dancing With the Stars")

@hollymadison123 I love Miles on RJ Berger. His face makes me smile.

-Holly Madison, Reality Star ("Holly's World," "Girls Next Door")

@boburnham I like the song "I want to be a billionaire" because it's about a millionaire wanting to be 1000 times richer. Sweet.

-Bo Burnham, Singer, Comedian

@mindykaling She wears high heels I wear cage heels she's cheer captain and I'm just a cheerleader

-Mindy Kaling, Writer, Actress ("The Office")

@1capplegate I eat so much avacado,I'm gonna turn into 1.then what? Who the hell is gonna hire a freakin avacado?

-Christina Applegate, Actress ("The Rocker," "The Sweetest Thing")

@tinselkorey Twitter's really slow today. Wonder what people are doing? Hmmm. Guess it's time 4 bed & sweet dreams of Paul Walker. I mean... huh? LOL

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("Eclipse," "New Moon")