Kellan Lutz Talks Ashley Greene In 'Warrior': She's 'Friggin' Talented'

When "Warrior" was announced back in 2008 and it was released that the film would reteam Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz from "Twilight," we have to admit that we were thrilled. It didn't matter that the movie was about a lacrosse player and had no supernatural elements, or that Ashley and Kellan are starring as romantic interests instead of siblings, because the film would give both of them the time to shine in leading roles that they didn't have in "Twilight."

MTV News caught up with Kellan at VH1's Do Something Awards, where he had received recognition for his work with animals, and we were glad to hear that he is just as psyched about working with Ashley as we are.

"Ashley's friggin' talented. It's really cool to see your friend [in a different way] and to work with a friend, let alone her being so talented, to see her transform from one character to another," he said. "Alice is a fun little pixie character, and then Brooklyn, you know, is a sweet, lacrosse-player type of coach's daughter. It's fun working with her and seeing her transform herself."

Still, it must be a little weird for the two to be playing a couple onscreen, considering they have played brother and sister onscreen and been close friends offscreen for three years. "It's very much like working with family," he told MTV.

Back in 2008, Ashley told MTV that the movie was more of Kellan's vehicle than her own. "['Warrior'] is about Kellan's journey," she said. "It's very much Kellan's movie, which is really exciting for him. It's his journey that he goes through, with trials and errors, and his temper and stuff like that. And I join forces with him, and my dad doesn't like that very much, so we deal with that."

Are you looking forward to seeing Ashley and Kellan onscreen in a non-"Twilight" movie? Do you think it's weird that they'll be playing love interests?