'Pretty Little Liars' Spoiler: Lucy Hale Says 'A' Won't Be Same Person From Books

Lucy HaleDid you know that Lucy Hale has known Ryan Seacrest for seven years? The "Pretty Little Liars" star wasn't always known for acting. She actually got her start on the short-lived show "American Juniors," an "American Idol" spin-off that Ryan hosted in 2003. When Lucy stopped by Ryan's radio show this morning, their longstanding friendship was the first topic of conversation.

"I just turned 21. I met you when I was 14. You look the exact same. And so do I," she joked to Ryan (though, uh, it's kinda true). "I'm going to be playing a teen for a very long time."

Lucy HaleAs it is a good friend's duty to embarrass you, Ryan played a clip of Lucy singing on "AJ" way back when. Since Lucy has an amazing voice, the embarrassment was mostly over the uber-stylish braces she had to sport for three years. (There are plenty of videos of Lucy singing on YouTube, but our favorite is this one of her audition episode.) Though Lucy ended up winning "AJ," not much came of it. "We made a group, we recorded a CD, and that's pretty much it," she said. "That's the first time I came out to LA. That was the first thing I ever did."

Lucy hasn't given up her musical talents — she'll sing an Eva Cassidy song in "PLL"'s eighth episode. "[I'm] singing about my teacher I'm in love with," she told Ryan. "He's so angry at me. He's actually mad at himself, but he takes it out on me because I guess he's mad that I'm 16."

Speaking of "PLL," Lucy said the scandalous nature of Aria's illegal relationship with Mr. Fitz (hello, she's underage) is part of what drew her to the role. "That's why I wanted to be a part of the series, because ABC Family has never done anything like this. They're just pushing the limits. ...It's just an edgier, more adult show."

Ryan couldn't get any juicy "PLL" secrets out of Lucy, except for the fact that things are going to unfold a little differently on the TV show than they did in the books. (Beware: A major SPOILER ALERT if you haven't read the books!) "In the books, it's Hannah's best friend, but we're doing it completely different on the show," she said. "They don't tell us anything. I don't know what's going on."

Lucy HalePersonal life-wise, Lucy told Ryan that she's not dating actor David Henrie anymore. "I'm very single — 21, single, no braces. Life's good. I'm just looking."

Though she's previously dated Hollywood-type guys ("I've dated a few actors and that didn't work out, so..."), Lucy said her mother wanted her to go a different route. "My mom wants me to date a southern guy. She wants me to date someone who's not out here."

Did you listen to Lucy's interview on Ryan's show? What did you think? Who do you think "A" is?