Tom Felton Added To 'Rise Of The Apes' Cast, Announces New Album

Tom FeltonSince "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" finally wrapped last month, it left the young stars of the "Harry Potter" franchise in an interesting predicament: What do we do now? Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton were all chosen by J.K. Rowling more than a decade ago to star in the adaptations, but now those contracts are up, and they have the opportunity to explore other career paths that they see fit.

Dan is heading to Broadway and then starring in a thriller, while Emma is most likely to continue to dabble in fashion while attending Brown University, and Rupert is continuing his work in film with "Wild Target" and "Eddie the Eagle." As for Tom, it seems like he's going to be doing just about everything.

We already know he is headed into the mainstream Hollywood movie factory by his choice to star opposite Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan in "The Apparition," but this weekend, a new film decision confirmed that career path. Tom is going to be starring in "Rise of the Apes", the upcoming prequel to "Planet of the Apes." His villainous character isn't too much of a stretch, considering he's been playing Draco for more than half of his life, but it's still nice to see him getting such high profile roles.

But then we heard some other, much more surprising news: he also will be coming out with an album soon. Recording company Six Strings Productions tweeted (and seemingly made a Twitter account solely to promote Tom in their company) that Tom Felton had signed to make an album with them.

"We have really exciting news," they said Thursday. "Tom Felton has signed and the album is very much on its way."

Singing isn't anything new for Tom, but this would be his first mainstream studio album (though he does have other music on YouTube and for purchase). So what else does he have left to conquer? Reality TV, clearly. But, don't. Please don't, Tom.

Are you glad to see Tom expanding his career in these two different directions? What else would you like to see him do?