'Revenge Of The Bridesmaids' Review: Joanna Garcia And Raven-Symone Are Hilarious Wedding Belles

Revenge Of The BridesmaidsWhichever casting director decided to team up Joanna Garcia and Raven-Symone as a pair of hilarious, cynical BFFs out to destroy their ex-friend's wedding in last night's "Revenge of the Bridesmaids" deserves a raise. Despite the duo's six-year age difference, their amazing chemistry made us wonder if they aren't actually best buds in real life, too.

After the trainwreck that was "Beauty and the Briefcase," ABC Family had a lot to make up for in its next original movie. Thanks in large part to the two leads, "Revenge of the Bridesmaids" lived up to its high expectations.

Joanna's Parker and Raven's Abigail have been off living fabulous lives in New York City (or so they want everyone to think — in reality, NYC's a pretty tough place to succeed in), but when they head back to their small Southern hometown for a weekend visit, they wind up reuniting with their former friend, Caitlyn (Virginia Williams), who is about to get married. The catch: Caitlyn's fiancé, Tony (Lyle Brocato), is their friend Rachel's (Chryssie Whitehead) ex-boyfriend.

Revenge Of The BridesmaidsRachel, whom Parker and Abigail are still close with, is still desperately in love with Tony (and he with her). Livid that Caitlyn would betray Rachel so brazenly, the girls decide to prevent the wedding from happening and sabotage their way into being bridesmaids.

Yeah, it's kind of a ridiculous premise, but we'll go with it. The writing is sharp and the plot is the good, fun kind of cheesy, not the torturous bad kind. Plus, Joanna and Raven are so darn hilarious that we can forgive a certain amount of gooiness. We can even overlook the fact that the premise hinges on the idea that Rachel is the world's biggest doormat, that apparently the male (Tony) in the equation should get away blame-free with out taking any responsibility and that women spend their entire lives dreaming of their wedding day. (We've got news for you, fellas — that ain't the case.)

Revenge Of The BridesmaidsIf we're not mistaken, this is the first time Raven-Symone has ever played a grown-up (as opposed to a student or a teenager), and the cutesy, slapstick humor of her youth has turned into a delightful, breezy sense of sarcasm. Girlfriend knows her comedic timing (but considering she's been doing it for two decades now, that shouldn't be surprising).

Did you catch "Revenge of the Bridesmaids" last night? What did you think?