Stephenie Meyer Explains How Producer Title Will Change Her Role On 'Breaking Dawn' Set

Stephenie Meyer Breaking DawnWith a fandom as large as "The Twilight Saga's," it's really hard for the mainstream media to conduct interviews that do the fans proud. Thus why Stephenie Meyer went the J.K. Rowling route back in May when she decided to invite four "Twilight" fansites to L.A. to ask her the in-depth, specific questions the fans wanted answered that would probably never get asked otherwise.

The four-hour interview was conducted June 18, and bits and pieces of it have been released from the sites ever since.

The latest comes to us from TwiFans, who posted the part of the interview in which Stephenie talks about the choice to be named as a producer on "Breaking Dawn." It's interesting hearing what Stephenie had to say about it, especially when she said she wasn't sure if she wanted "Breaking Dawn" to be adapted into film.

"'Breaking Dawn' is tricky. It’s real tricky," Stephenie said. "Now, I feel like we have more of a handle on it. Because the script and with Bill Condon. I am more calm, but originally, I was very much on the fence. Maybe we shouldn’t make this into a movie, ya know. Some things can’t be made into a movie and come across exactly the right way. So it was a big struggle for me to go forward."

This could explain part of why it took so long for Summit to make any announcements about "Breaking Dawn," because it seems like it took them a while to get Stephenie on board (we had our own reservations about the film as well).

As she said above, she became calmer after director Bill Condon came on board, but she also said in the interview that she felt more comfortable once she became a producer because she can be on set every day.

Stephenie admitted that her participation in the creation of the "Eclipse" film was on par with producing it, but with "Breaking Dawn" she'll have the official title. "I was very much involved with the script and a lot of the choices. So [producing 'Breaking Dawn' is] not a huge difference, but it’ll be really, an interesting experience," she said in the interview.

One of Stephenie Meyer's stories we would love to see make it to the big screen, however, is her fanfiction for "Breaking Dawn" called "Breaking Down." Apparently it came out of her nervousness for creating a final installment of "The Twilight Saga" that everyone would love, so she decided "to write something that everybody hates and then leak it."

How does "Breaking Down" differ from "Breaking Dawn"? Well, Jacob killed Alice, Charlie was a meth addict and got killed by drug dealers, Lauren Mallory won "America's Next Top Model" and Bella and Mike Newton got married, but he divorced her for Eric Yorkie. Oh, and Bella dies at the end. What's kind of funny is that "Breaking Dawn" ended up being just as bizarre in its own right. Still, we'd love to see fans tackle a film version of "Breaking Down" some day.

What do you think of the fansites' interview with Stephenie? Did you know she had reservations about making "Breaking Dawn" a film?