Brody's Dating Avril, Carrie Got Hitched, 'Breaking Dawn' Got Updated: It's Crush Worthy Time!

Before you step away from your computer to enjoy your weekend, check out our Friday Crush Worthy feature. Instead of just telling you about the pop stories you were crushing over the past week, now we're showing you. So press play on the video below to see Hollywood Crush tackle the week's past news and keep reading for more details on our juiciest headlines.

OK so Carrie Underwood got married this past week and more info about "Breaking Dawn" was revealed, but we're still reeling from that mind-blowing "Hills" finale on Tuesday.

We finally got to say goodbye to Lauren, Kristin and the crew and they went out with a bang. Instead of playing it straight, producers played with our minds and very cleverly nodded to the years of rumors that the show wasn't entirely based on "reality." It was and it's wasn't, FYI, but still seeing that Kristin and Brody filmed that final scene on a backlot in Hollywood blew our minds.

What also had us scratching our heads was Brody's tight-lipped conversation with MTV News reporter Tim Kash about Avril Lavigne on the red carpet for the show's finale. We know he's got the tattoo with her name, so why won't he speak about it already? We want details! And, hey, we wouldn't mind a reality show!