'Inception' Anticipation And Joe Jonas Films 'Cleveland' In Today's Tweet Dreams

Leonardo DicaprioThe trailers for Leonardo DiCaprio's mind-bending thriller "Inception" have us asking "What the heck is this about?" and "When can we get in line for the first show?" Actor Jared Kusnitz was clearly ready to go, posting, "Inception. Midnight. Mind is ready to be blown." Meanwhile, singer Eric Hutchinson tweeted, "Who else is pumped for INCEPTION tomorrow!? I would watch Leo read the phonebook on screen," adding, "I'd watch Leo visit a library that was closed. I'd watch Leo order a Subway sandwich."

We're still going to have to wait a bit little bit longer to see Joe Jonas' appearance on Betty White's sitcom "Hot in Cleveland", however. Joe told followers he was, "Starting my day with eggs and hot in clevland day 1. It's gonna be a fun weekend :^)" But, Joe wasn't the only one to pay visit to the ladies as Mark Indelicato wrapped up his cameo yesterday, posting, " I really really really enjoyed my time there!"

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@natashabdgnfield Drum roll please... I have decided my album name!!! Its called Strip Me. And Its coming out this fall :)

-Natasha Bedingfield, Singer

@mariolopezextra Can finally talk about my new VH1 show! Cameras follow me trying to juggle work, family and taking the journey into being a new dad!

-Mario Lopez, Actor, TV Host ("Extra," "Saved By The Bell")

@nikkiblonsky1 2 days left of filming on the HUGE set going now! Can't wait for u all to see ALL the episodes I had the time of my life making them

-Nikki Blonsky, Actress ("Huge," "Hairspray")

@ddlovato My first one hour special on Sonny With a Chance Sunday! So excited!

-Demi Lovato, Singer, Actress ("Sonny With a Chance," "Camp Rock")

@pink There are many pink impersonators on facebook. If you hear from any of them- its NOT ME. But tell them I said "Hi" anyways.

-Pink, Singer

@tomfelton i'm having issues with my hair, do i shave it off? the peroxide from malfoy is still in there so its making me look ginge...people will start thinking i'm a weasley!

-Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows")

@gregorymichael If I were a radio DJ I would call myself "DJ Bad News" and introduce every song with "You probably don't want to hear this, but..."

-Gregory Michael, Actor ("Greek")

@dannymasterson Nellys "Hot in Herre" jus came on the radio and I scared myself by knowing all the lyrics. not sure how that happened...

-Danny Masterson, Actor ("That 70's Show")

@carideeenglish Hot day out! And #thegame is all I hear "There's something hot in here, it must be me. Is it shaze..

-CariDee English, Model, Reality Star ("America's Next Top Model")

@hollymadison123 Sometimes I think the shuffle on my Ipod has a sense of humor . .

-Holly Madison, Reality Star ("Girls Next Door," "Holly's World")