Taylor Momsen's First Ad For Madonna's 'Material Girl' Line Debuts

Taylor MomsenBy Eileen Reslen

From "Gossip Girl" to "Material Girl," Taylor Momsen has officially puts her grungy model looks to work as the new face of the original Material Girl’s first ever clothing line.

Madonna teamed up with her daughter Lourdes and the Iconix Brand Group to create the junior collection, which will be featured in Macy's stores.

Macy’s has also said in a statement that the music icon saw Taylor as her celebrity muse for the line, but we have to wonder … does that means towering high shoes and ripped up t-shirts will be among its signature pieces? I mean, if you’ve caught a snapshot of the actress/model/burgeoning rocker lately, she’s been taking some pretty interesting fashion risks.

Taylor Momsen

And as for being a spokesmodel? Well, let’s just say the "Gossip Girl" actress has not been shy of doing some rampant gossiping in real life, especially during her trips across the pond.

In a recent interview with UK’s FHM magazine, Taylor was quoted as saying, “I'm not looking to be Miley (insert F-bomb) Cyrus. I don't care about the fame.”

Few months prior to that little tirade, she asked us to excuse her French again when she let slip yet another four letter word on a well known LIVE morning show in London. (We’ll throw you a bone though, Taylor. That rainy weather would make us a bit gloomy as well!)

However, Madonna does not seem phased by Taylor’s “pretty reckless” attitude about showbiz, but let’s face it, Madge has been known to have been quite a hell raiser herself in her hay day.

“Madonna is a fashion icon who can bring a new dimension to our juniors customer," said Jeff Gennette, Macy's chief merchandising officer, in a statement. "'Material Girl' will enhance the excitement of fast fashion at Macy's." Yes, Mr. Gennette, we agree. If it’s one thing a Madonna and Taylor collabo can bring to the table- it’s excitement!

The brand is set to launch on August 3, but with just a few less coats of eyeliner than usual, Taylor can already be seen (here!) in a campaign ad for the “Material Girl” fashion line.

What do you think of the first ad for Madonna's young adult line? Do you think Taylor Momsen was a good choice to rep the brand?