Elizabeth Banks To Play Live Action Tinkerbell

Elizabeth BanksBy Jenna Shulman

Although we saw everyone’s favorite Disney fairy on the big screen in 2008, Tinkerbell is making another appearance, but this time she will arrive in human form. Disney is developing a film titled “Tink” that stars this precious pixie. This romantic comedy will be a live-action film, similar to the 2007 hit “Enchanted." Elizabeth Banks, is set to star in the movie, while Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot and McG will produce.

The concept for the project, according to Variety article, is to “play with the mischievous nature of the Tinkerbell character." Peter Pan’s precious sidekick acting mischievous? The more and more we think about it, Elizabeth might want to go get some bringing-an-animated-character-to-life tips from the girl who did it so well before: Amy Adams!

I think Elizabeth will play the perfect Tinkerbell — she's funny, blonde and oh so cute — and the production crew seems to have the right amount of experience to make the fictional figure come to life while keeping the script lively. McG, after all, is the exec producer on "Supernatural" and Jennifer and Adam both worked on "17 Again" and "Hairspray" together. Plus, this is a Disney film (which, pre-tell, will be released in 3-D because what isn’t these days?) so my expectations are pretty high!

Do you think Disney can “Tink" fast and pull off a real-life version of this film? What do you think the storyline will be in order to develop the project into a modern version?