'Wicked' To Be Brought To The Big Screen: Ryan Murphy Or J.J. Abrams May Direct

Wicked On BroadwayFor those of you long holding out for a big screen adaptation of Broadway hit "Wicked," based on Gregory Maguire's popular novel which sheds light on the life of the Wicked Witch of the West, the end is in sight. Over the weekend, Deadline announced that producer Marc Platt, book writer Winnie Holzman, and songwriter Stephen Schwartz have begun meeting with filmmakers to start the process of putting together a film, to be backed by Universal Pictures.

Four directors have made their list: "Glee's" Ryan Murphy, "Chicago" and "Nine's" Rob Marshall, "Walk The Line's" James Mangold and "Lost's" J.J. Abrams. All of the choices are intriguing, though the former make more sense than the latter. Still, the thought of J.J. Abrams at the helm of "Wicked the Movie" is enough to send chills down our spines.

Ryan seems like a fair choice, considering how much love he has given to the original Broadway cast of "Wicked" and their soundtrack in "Glee." Both Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, the two original leads, have recurring major characters on the show, and Lea Michele's version of "Defying Gravity" was almost good enough to rival Idina's. With him at the helm, we're sure we'd see some "Glee" crossovers too. How about Neil Patrick Harris as Oz... could you see it?

Last we heard from Idina, she didn't think a movie version of "Wicked" would be hitting theaters any time soon, which meant she doubted she and Kristin could reprise their roles. "['Wicked' is] so successful all around the world; they don't need a movie to make money right now. They usually wait till something like that dies down a little, and then they, you know, get a movie out there to get all the hype again," she had guessed.

But with "Wicked" being one of the most popular modern musicals, and the demand for film musicals still high, it doesn't surprise us to hear that a studio is optioning it. In fact, I for one think it took far too long.

Are you as excited as we are that "Wicked" is finally being made into a musical? Which director would you like to see at its helm?