'Harry Potter' Cast Will Not Be At Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Confirms

Deathly HallowsThe fact that Warner Bros. is having a Comic-Con panel for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is beyond exciting because, despite being one of the world's top grossing movie franchises, it has never entered the hallowed ground of San Diego's Convention Center before. WB told The New York Times there would be special footage shown, but no word on whether the cast or crew would be there.

Despite some rumor-mongering by a Comic-Con fansite on Twitter, "Harry Potter" experts MuggleNet were able to confirm with WB that the cast and crew won't be attending the panel, due to scheduling conflicts.

They did say that there would be some "amazing never-before-seen-footage and props from the film" presented, as well as a "special opportunity only available to Comic-Con attendees." The details of that will remain under wraps probably until the day of, but we think that's for the better. Don't worry, because MTV will be on the scene and we'll be sure to report back immediately once we find out what's going on.

Still, it is unlikely that the footage will be introduced by a Warner Bros. figurehead instead of someone close to the films. I remember two years ago when Hugh Jackman surprised fans in Hall H during the Fox panel to introduce never-before-seen footage from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," so it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch that WB might do the same for their biggest films of the next two years (in our opinion).

It's a shame that we won't have the mother of all epic panels to savor the last time the cast of "Harry Potter" will have the opportunity to present their films at Comic-Con.

Here's the full e-mail that Warner Bros. sent, courtesy of MuggleNet:

Dearest Witches & Wizards,

I wanted to be the first to let you know that the Potter cast will not be attending Comic-Con due to scheduling conflicts. We know that there have been many surprise appearances at previous Comic-Con conventions, but sadly that’s just not going to happen and we’d hate for any of our beloved fans to get their hopes up.

However, we are going to have some amazing never-before-seen footage and props from the film along with a special opportunity only available to Comic-Con attendees. Hope to see you at the convention and we can drown our sorrows in butterbeer together :(.

Are you disappointed that the cast won't be at Comic-Con this year? Do you think there will be some sort of surprise appearance, regardless of Warner Bros. claim?