'Glee' Sweeps The 2010 Emmy Nominations, 'True Blood' Earns Multiple Noms

GleeTo say "Glee" swept the Emmy nominations, released today, would be like saying the ocean is full of water. Not only did the show earn at least one nomination in many of the technical awards, it also nabbed a nom in all of the major comedy awards. And, after the powerhouse of a season it just had, we couldn't agree more.

Let's start with the big ones. "Glee" was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, which stacks it up against the seemingly unbeatable "30 Rock," but we think it might have a chance to oust their crown this year. Ryan Murphy and his team of Brad Flachuck and Ian Brennan earned an Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series nomination for their work on "Pilot - Director's Cut," which is also markedly well-deserved.

Lea Michele and Matthew Morrisoneach got Outstanding Lead Acting nods, and Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch both earned Best Supporting Acting nominations. We understand Lea and Matthew are up against some stiff competition, but if Chris and Jane don’t win for their amazing performances this season, we'll cry foul.

"Glee" got two Outstanding Guest Actor nods for Mike O'Malley (he plays Kurt's dad Burt) and Neil Patrick Harris. As much as we love ourselves some NPH (and we love ourselves some NPH), Mike totally nailed his performance as Burt, and definitely deserves that Emmy. Kristin Chenoweth also got a nod for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as April Rhodes.

The show also got two Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series nods: one for Ryan Murphy for "Pilot - Director's Cut" and another for Paris Barclay for "Wheels." It also earned noms for Outstanding Costumes, Casting for a Comedy, Art Direction, Hairstyling (both "Power of Madonna" and "Hairography"), Creative Achievement in Interactive Media, Make-up (non-prosthetic) and Sound Mixing.

Though it didn't get any acting nominations (sorry Alexander Skarsgard), "True Blood" did earn an Outstanding Drama Series nod, as well as noms for Outstanding Casting for a Drama, Art Direction and Sound Editing. It's up against some stiff competition from "Lost," "Breaking Bad," "Mad Men" and "Dexter," though, so we aren't holding out much hope from it in the major awards.

What did you think of this year's Emmy nominations? Which shows did you think got ripped off?