EXCLUSIVE: 'Mean Girls 2' Being Made For Television

Mean GirlsFor all of you hoping that "Mean Girls 2" would have the same amount of cultural clout as "Mean Girls," think again. Hollywood Crush has discovered exclusively from our source close to the project that the film is skipping theaters and heading straight to a TV near you once it is finished.

There had been some initial speculation that "Mean Girls 2" would be a straight-to-DVD sequel, but it turns out that it is actually being made for television. In addition to the leading ladies who have already been named publicly (we're looking at you, Meaghan Martin and Maiara Walsh), fellow Disney stars Jennifer Stone ("Wizards of Waverly Place") and Nicole Anderson ("Jonas L.A.") have also announced their involvement with the film.

For those of you who were pissed that the leading ladies of "Mean Girls 2" were Disney actresses, this should make a lot of sense. Our source couldn't confirm which network the film would end up on, but our bets are that it won't be on the Disney Channel. Instead, we think it will premiere on ABC Family, a channel which is also owned by Disney but has an audience that is more a "Mean Girls" target age range. Just check out "Pretty Little Liars" if you don't believe us.

This is a good chance for the actresses in this film to break out from their secondary Disney Channel roles and be known on a more teenage girl-oriented network. It is also good news for the "Mean Moms" film, which is a sequel of sorts to "Mean Girls" as well, because that means it won't be seeing any box office competition from the made-for-TV sequel.

Shooting on "Mean Girls 2" is already underway, and the film is set for a TV premiere in 2011.

Are you surprised that "Mean Girls 2" is being made for TV? Does the casting of all Disney Channel stars disappoint you?

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