'Eclipse' Star Julia Jones Recalls Feeling Intimidated During Her First Days On Set

One of the many aspects of "Twilight" that makes it unique from all other film franchises is the amount of attention given to every actor and character in the movies, no matter how big or small. Everyone gets the A-list treatment, so the new actors who came into "Eclipse" had to get used to unadulterated love from fans the second it was announced that they joined the cast.

Julia Jones, who joined "Eclipse" as Leah Clearwater, said the intimidation was overwhelming at first, but diffused pretty quickly. She had already spent time with her fellow wolf pack members, Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz, but she said it wasn't until she met the Big Three (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) that she got over her shell shock.

"My first day on set was a couple days before we started filming I went for some hair and make-up tests, I got out of the van and the first person I saw was Taylor and he just introduced himself and was so nice," Julia said. "And 10 steps later was Kristen, and then, you know, you're halfway there."

Still, the big stars aren't the only element of the "Twilight" films that set them apart from normal film sets, but Julia said she had to take those inconsistencies as they came.

"I had never been on a set of that size before and just getting used to that and things like the paparazzi there all the time," she said. "There were a lot of X-factors that you have to calibrate really fast to."

What do you think it is about "The Twilight Saga" that makes every actor in the film earn instant popularity?