'Eclipse' Star Nikki Reed Reveals An 'Intense' Scene From Rosalie's Backstory You Won't See

One of the high points for us at Hollywood Crush during our viewings of "Eclipse" was a chance to see the backstories of Rosalie and Jasper realized on the big screen. We have heard Jackson Rathbone talk about how excited he was to play Civil War soldier for his flashback sequence, but were a little surprised to find out Nikki Reed was nervous to do Rosalie's flashbacks.

"I was torn because I was definitely looking forward to it. I mean, I read the first three books before we began filming 'Twilight,' so I knew what I had in store if we made all three movies," she told MTV News about going back in time. "But I was obviously very intimidated, and I felt a little insecure, and I was nervous, and — maybe I should not be saying all these things — but I was."

She added, "It's scary. I never really felt the pressure up until 'Eclipse' because, we're all definitely a part of this thing, but it was really Rob and Kristen and Taylor that we were sort of following behind them in the shadow, going 'Oh hey!' when necessary."

Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser both supported Nikki's portrayal and the Rosalie backstory in general, saying they were happy that Rosalie gets to be more than a vampire who is mean to Bella and ends up closer to the story's voice of reason.

It turns out that there was actually more to Rosalie's wedding dress revenge that we saw in the film, and we hope it will end up as a DVD extra.

"There was this scene that I shot where I was strapped to this weird machine that was making me fly up and down this hallway with this wedding dress and David Slade was giving me this really intense direction but it was just kind of outrageous what I was doing," Nikki said, describing a scene that didn't quite make it into the final cut of "Eclipse."

"You step beyond your comfort zone to play a character that literally feeds on blood and like all these weird instinctual things come out," she said.

Did you like Rosalie's flashback sequences? Did you think Nikki did a good job of fleshing out Rosalie's character?