Post-'Eclipse,' Jackson Rathbone Contemplates Promoting Modern Horse Saddles As A Job

If you've been skipping all the "Eclipse" updates we've had for you since October, then you probably haven't heard that Jackson Rathbone gets to dress up in Civil War regalia in Jasper's flashback sequence and ride a horse, which he enjoyed. But what you might not know is that Jackson is thinking of becoming a spokesperson for the Saddle Association of America.

OK, well maybe that was a bit of a stretch, but he really does know how to sell us on modern saddle technology (which we didn't know existed until we watched the above interview).

"I've got to say, there've been some miraculous new saddle technology in the last 200 years and it's all about the backside. Yeah. It feels much better when you're galloping on a newer saddle," he told MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

When Josh called Jackson out on his saddle pitching abilities, he joked, "I am a new spokesperson for saddles. We've got Calvin Klein [Kellan Lutz], make-up and beautiful women [Ashley Greene for Mark], and saddles."

What do you think of Jackson's saddle-promoting plans?

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