'Eclipse' Star Dakota Fanning Has Found Many Uses For Her Jane Cardboard Cutout

It's not quite so weird that the majority of the cast of "The Twilight Saga" have cardboard cutouts designed after them (a new version for each film, we might add), but what's weird is what the fans do with them. But the real question is: when you're an actor with a cutout made of you, how do you use it to your benefit?

Such is the predicament that faces Dakota Fanning, who admits that she has a Jane cutout currently residing in her house. Apparently, at the moment, it's her dad who is playing the most tricks against the family with Dakota's goth vampire likeness.

"Sometimes my dad puts it out and you go downstairs in the middle of the night for some water or something and you're like, oh my god, who is this person?" Dakota said with a laugh. "For the first month we had it, it scared everyone."

Dakota, who was paired in the interview with Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard, clearly hasn't been thinking of the most obvious ways to abuse having a 2-D doppelganger in her house.

Xavier suggested that she put it at her desk so she can pretend she's studying, while Bryce said she should put it under the covers in her bed so she can sneak out at night.

While Dakota is hitting those rebellious teen years (yeah, as if), somehow we doubt her parents would fall for that trick. Still, it raises the question: If you had a cardboard cutout made in your image, what would you use it for?