'Eclipse' EXCLUSIVE: Surprise Appearances By The Cast Will Happen This Weekend

EclipseYou may have already seen "Eclipse" two times by now (heck even three!), but you might want to get yourself ready to head back to the theater some more this weekend after you hear this news!

We've seen a lot of chatter on Twitter today — including this tweet and this one — regarding the possibility of stars from the movie making surprise appearances at "Eclipse" showings in theaters throughout the country this weekend.

Well, surprise! We have exclusively confirmed with a source from the studio that YES the rumors are true! And, we can also confirm that it will be a whole SLEW of "Twilight" actors popping up in MANY locations around the country. While we don't have any more information at the moment (i.e. don't ask us if GPS chips will be put on the actors), you can rest assured that you now have that much more of a chance to come within feet of your very favorite Forks resident. Happy hunting, Crushers!

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