Kristen Stewart On 'Today' Recap: Letting 'Twilight' Go Will Be 'Surreal'

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart dropped in on the "Today Show" this morning, braving some serious NYC heat to hang around outdoors with Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera. Sporting a short, body-hugging ivory Helmut Lang dress and newly-dyed auburn-ish hair tied in a loose knot at the nape of her neck, Kristen looked more confident and collected than she has in past interviews — although after three years in the eye of the Twilight fan hurricane, maybe she's just tired.

After smooching Matt and Meredith, Kristen fielded a few questions about the upcoming release of Eclipse and her post-Twilight plans. First things first: Is this the film in which Bella finally chooses between Edward and Jacob?

Kristen laughed and replied, "It feels like she picks in every one. But this is where she finally gets it, she's old enough to make the decision."

At this point, the shrieking of the hundreds of thrilled audience members (many of whom held signs reading "BELLA!" — you guys do know that's not her real name, right?) had subsided enough for Matt Lauer to ask the obvious question: "Do you ever get used to the shrieks?"

"Yeah," said Kristen, "I think you'd have to be totally abnormal to say 'Oh, I'm really used to it, it's part of my life.' But the energy is awesome!"

(The interview then paused for more screaming.)

Asked if she was looking forward to the end of "Twilight" — there's just one movie left until the saga concludes — the actress looked ambivalent. (Feeling sad about the end of her on-screen smooching with the smoldering R-Patz, perhaps? We wouldn't blame you!)

Ever diplomatic, Kristen responded: "I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the story out... I want everything to come to fruition. But it's going to be very surreal, to have to let it go."

Of course it'll be strange for Kristen to move on from the role that made her one of the most recognizable (and reluctant) new celebrities out there. But after the incredible success of "Twilight" and her awesome recent portrayal of Joan Jett in "The Runaways," she's got to be in high demand. And when Matt asked whether she'd been seeing tons of scripts coming her way as the vampire drama winds down, even Kristen couldn't quite hide her excitement. Sporting a big grin, she half-shrugged before answering.

"Well... y'know."

"It's OK," Matt replied. "You can say it."

Which of Kristen's new projects will you line up to see? What did you think of her appearance this morning on "Today"?