'Pretty Little Liars' Gets 12 Additional Episodes!

Pretty Little Liars

Good news, “Pretty Little Liars” fans (a.k.a. all of you, if you know what’s good): ABC Family has ordered another 12 episodes of the new show, making the first season a full 22 episodes long. That means 12 more hours of mysterious text messages, steamy teacher/student makeout sessions, and what our hilarious recapper Emily Donahue has dubbed “sunglass porn.”

Shay Mitchell, who plays nice girl Emily, shared her excitement on Twitter last night, saying, “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS got picked up for 12 more eps!!! Who's excited!!! I am!” We are too, Shay.

The news does make us wonder, however, just how much of the town’s mysteries will be resolved at the end of the first ten episodes. Will we find out the identity of Alison’s killer? Or who is actually sending those text messages? (I refuse to believe they’d bring in a supernatural element — it just can't be Alison’s ghost texting from purgatory or something else along the cheesy vein.)

Finally, just how many crazypants “One Tree Hill” alums will show up on this series? Nanny Carrie (Torrey Devitto) and Crazy Katie (Amanda Schull) already reside in Rosewood as overachieving Spencer’s even more overachieving sister, Melissa, and Aria’s father’s mistress, Meredith (respectively), so we're convinced that either Dan Scott or Peyton’s weird brother Derek is destined to buy a house nearby in the second half of the season.

Are you excited about 12 more "Pretty Little Liars" episodes?

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