'Eclipse' Premiere: Jodelle Ferland Was 'Lucky' To Have 'Bree Tanner' Novella

Last night was a big night for Jodelle Ferland, who got to see "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" for the first time at the film's premiere. Her character, Bree Tanner, has received plenty of attention since Stephenie Meyer announced the newborn vampire would be receiving her own spin-off novella, and, as we know, Jodelle got to read the story ahead of time.

"I was so lucky I got to read it before I started filming so that I could know a lot more about Bree because I knew almost nothing about her," she told MTV News.

?The reason why Stephenie was so excited to write Bree's story was to show that not all newborn vampires are the same, which is a bit of foreshadowing for Bella in "Breaking Dawn." Jodelle was glad that Bree was allowed to be more fleshed out than the other bad vamps.

?"Well, Bree, she's definitely not like all the other newborns. They are kind of driven by their thirst — they're newborns, that's typical behavior — and inside, she doesn't really want to be a bad person, she's willing to change her ways," she said.

Like Jodelle, director David Slade told us he received a copy of "Short Second Life" during production, too, but he says it helped in an entirely different way.

"One of the things in the 'Bree Tanner' story is that one of the hangouts is very close to water and so we specifically went after locations that were near water," he said adding that he also used Riley and Victoria's choice of newborns to help him during casting. "They take the dregs of society ... they take, not the dregs, but the people that won't be missed. They take the prostitutes, they take drug addicts, they take people on the street, so we cast people to look like that. It was fun."

What do you think of Jodelle's take on her character?