Xavier Samuel Gives Us Reason No. 506 To Love Him At The 'Eclipse' Premiere: He's Funny

Watching Riley and the army of newborn vampires ascend, unblinking, from the water as they prepare to battle the Cullens is one of the most chilling scenes from the "Eclipse" trailers. Actor Xavier Samuel, who plays Riley, said he took his inspiration for the now-iconic scene from an unlikely source.

"Well, I'm lucky it was kind of covered the first night at drama school," he joked to MTV News at the "Eclipse" black carpet premiere last night. "Let me say a large source of inspiration for that scene was Denise Richards in 'Wild Things.'"

It's a logical motivation if you believe what the actor said about his next project: "'Wild Things 5.' And hopefully that will continue on for a while."

While we're not completely sure that Xavier isn't in talks for the latest direct-to-DVD sequel of the 1998 movie, we have a hunch that he'll use the momentum he's gaining from his praiseworthy performance in "Eclipse" to score a role with a little more cachet.

No matter what he does after "Eclipse," though, he's got a newfound group of fans known for their loyalty. Although "Twilight" mania is a new experience for him, Xavier said he can identify with liking something as intensely as Twihards do. "I was really into Australian football when I was younger," he said. "I wasn't writing posters or anything like that, but I can understand the degree of hysteria."

We all know Twihards are very vocal in their affection, so it's surprising that the number of marriage proposals Xavier has gotten is so low. "I've only had one," he said. "Not [married] yet, but I just thought I'd say, 'Look, let's get to know each other. We should meet first, perhaps.'"

And lest you think your love for the Aussie will be unrequited, don't worry: it's not a completely fruitless effort. He told MTV, "Absolutely [I'd date a fan]."