'Eclipse' Premiere: Nikki Reed's Little Brother Makes Us Grin From Ear To Ear

With so many red (or black) carpets, photo ops, autograph signings, etc., going on during the promotion of a new movie, sometimes it's difficult to step back and remember that even through all the chaos, these moments are are still pretty meaningful to the celebrities who star in them. Take for instance, Nikki Reed last night at the L.A. premiere of "Eclipse."

The actress didn't just bring any old cute boy as her date — she brought two ... her brothers Nathan and Joey. The latter, who is only 10-years-old, escorted his sister onto the MTV News platform during our live stream, and just as everything seemed like a routine interview, Joey got his chance to pipe in.

He confessed he hadn't seen "Eclipse" yet ("But I've seen a ton of commercials!"), and then said to reporter, Josh Horowitz, "Um, can I ask Nikki a question?" Just as we began to smile because of how darn cute it was for him to say that, Nikki said, "Maybe you don't want to ask this on camera ... is it a secret? Do you want to whisper it in my ear?"

Fortunately, it wasn't a secret, because Joey didn't hesitate. "Are you happy to see your own movie?" he asked. His big sis, who was then so overcome with his adorableness (can you blame her?), then squeezed him proudly and gushed, "I love you!!"

"Yes I am [happy to see my own movie]," Nikki answered. "And you know what makes me even happier? That you came with me tonight and that you get to see my movie."

And, there you have it: the single most heartwarming moment to ever go down at a "Twilight" premiere (you know, if you chose to ignore any of the glances and laughs between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart)!