'Eclipse' Director David Slade Laughs Of Tent Scene Re-Shoot: 'Rob's Better Than He Was'

It wasn't a big surprise last night at the "Eclipse" premiere that the stars of "The Twilight Saga" said almost unanimously that the tent scene was the moment in the film they were most looking forward to.

We already knew that it was that scene that sent the cast back to do last minute reshoots, and that Robert Pattinson liked the original version better, but director David Slade set the record straight that the two versions weren't very different after all.

"It was all the same dialogue. It was more of a pickup shoot, really," he said. "We actually inter-cut between the first shoot of that scene and the later one, and really it was just one of those things where in the schedule, we needed two days to shoot it, and we had one. So, I was really relieved to go back and just pick some stuff up. I think the only difference really was Taylor actually holds [Kristen] to his chest more, and Rob's better than he was [laughs]."

Rob had said that he hoped the original cut of the tent scene would make it to the DVD as an extra, but David said that probably wouldn't happen.

"The initial cut is in the film up to a certain point, then we cut back and forth between them, and Rob wouldn't know because we color-timed them all to look exactly like the same scene," he said.

Are you glad that the tent scene wasn't altered very much from the original version? Which scene are you most looking forward to?