'Eclipse' L.A. Premiere: We Live Blogged It!

The Los Angeles premiere of "Eclipse" is here! We'll begin by live-blogging the event, then, at 9:30pm ET, we'll also embed MTV's live stream in a new post above this window so you can watch right along with us in REAL TIME. So stay with the MTV crew — including Josh Horowitz and our special "Twilight" expert, Kimmy from His Golden Eyes — as we bring you the inside scoop, the big arrivals, fashion details and much more from the Nokia Theatre! And don't forget: HIT REFRESH OFTEN (note that the newest posts appear on bottom) and weigh-in in the comments section below!

8:00pm Welcome fans from far and near! The carpet has officially opened — and there are fans EVERYWHERE. Our favorite poster so far: "Kellan you need to leave the country now because everything I want yo do is illegal in all 50 states."

8:04 Local news crew are getting the fans pumped up for the premiere and are making them scream "Edward" and "Jacob" and of course the classic "woooooo!"

8:06 The crowd is really buzzing — probably because they see our fabulous MTV News logo!

8:10 Just to keep you updated: we'll be live blogging right here in this post, then at 9:30pm ET, the LIVE STREAM will be embedded into a post above this. We suggest you open both in two separate windows! That way you won't miss a beat.

8:13 Just saw a hilarious yet mildly inappropriate poster for Jackson Rathbone: "Jasper knows his way down South."

8:15 Another one: "Kellan show us your calvins!" Lots of love for Emmett tonight, who would've thunk it?

8:16 Also on the MTV News scene tonight is our special "Twilight" expert, Kimmy from the site, His Golden Eyes. Check her out in her adorable blue dress!

8:22 The first limo has arrived! Who will it be?

8:24 Hmm could it be Alex Meraz? He just tweeted that he's in the car on the way!

8:26 Folks, we have a live one: a model! Marissa Miller has just stepped onto the carpet. Will her beauty be shadowed by Robert's? Only time will tell...

8:28 The black carpet is certainly feeling apropos for the evening — we're just hoping KStew wears something that WON'T match it!

8:30 Update on our model situation: Marissa Miller loves the movies because they stay true to the books, she said "Eclipse" ones more edgy. Plus, she's on Team Jacob.

8:32 Hey Jackson fans! We just got word on Twitter that Mr. Rathbone and his band (100 Monkeys) will be playing The Roxy in West Hollywood tonight after the premiere. We hope he's planning to take some Red Bull to keep his energy up!

8:39 Tyson and Alex have arrived!

8:46 So has Mario Lopez! We've got all walks of life tonight: werewolves, vampires, Bayside High School football players!

8:50 "Empire Records"/"Can't Hardly Wait" alert: Ethan Embry in the house! He's rocking the 1960s skinny tie looking quite slick.

8:53 Rumor has it that Stephenie Meyer is here! If you guys could ask her ANYTHING, what would it be?

8:54 Josh currently chatting it up with "Eclipse" soundtrackers: Metric!

8:56 "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland is in a chic purple wrap dress. Fashion credits to come!

8:58 Justin Chon's styling: He's wearing 316 clothing and John Varvatos boots.

9:01 Cameron Bright is at our little podium! He's in a suit and is rocking some bling on his hand. Guys wearing big rings: hot or not? Discuss.

9:04 Mental note to us for next time: KISS Fm has an air conditioned interview booth! Great way to get out of the blazing sun!

9:05 Cameron says there are a lot more girls in his life now thanks to "Twilight," but no relationships yet — at least not long-term ones.

9:06 Wow, almost blinded by Justin Chon's bright blonde coif. He's describing "Twi" fans as "dedicated." He says he had "a lady" fan once offer him keys to her cabin... though he "passed on that one."

9:07 Justin said he was ridiculously in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt when she was in "Can't Hardly Wait." We've not made two mentions of that movie here on this blog — do we think we can coax Peter into making another?

9:09 Jodelle (a.k.a. Bree Tanner) with Josh now. She's in an adorably lacy back frock. Reminds us a bit of Dakota's from the "New Moon" premiere.

9:10 Jodelle is talking about reading "Short Second Life" during filming. The key to playing Bree, she says, is "she is not like the other newborns... inside she doesn't want to be a bad person, she's willing to change her ways."

9:11 Jodelle called Xavier "amazing." We totally agree!

9:12 Wow Grayson Chance is here. Talk about an overnight success story — he goes from singing Gaga at school to the "Ellen" show to the "Eclipse" premiere! He's a huge "Twilight" fan, but says he hasn't read the books yet.

9:14 Sarah Clarke — Bella's mommy — is wearing a purple Pamela Roland gown. We've also learned Melissa Rosenberg is strutting her stuff in a strapless blue Oscar de la Renta.

9:18 We've seen glimpses of Nikki Reed who seems to be wearing ... feathers. Channeling Miley?

9:20 Melissa Rosenberg — whom we think could totally pass as Geena Davis' twin sister — says the premiere/fan attention still feels "surreal." The toughest scene to crack in "Eclipse" was the tent scene. Sorry, she said it, we didn't! It was a hard scene to "condense" and very "static" because of all the talking.

9:22 "How far along are you?" Josh asked of Melissa's "Breaking Dawn" script fete, though that sounds like a bit of a baby doc question right?

9:25 You know the biggies tonight have to be getting closer when the screams get LOUDER!

9:26 And we're live! Check out our live stream in the post above, but don't forget to keep following along here for behind-the-scenes juice!

9:28 Kimmy says she loves the action stuff in "Eclipse" and is most excited to see Kristen Stewart and Xavier Samuel.

9:29 And Jennifer L-H in da house. As a reminder: she's Team Edward. She's looking great in a black strapless dress with lace detailing on the skirt.

9:31 Julia Jones is on the way. Wow she is GORGEOUS in person. The silver-y beaded strapless dress works very well with her skin tone, though the chest area may not be as fitted as it should be. Thoughts?

9:32 Kristen Prout, who plays Lucy, just called her Aldo shoes "the sh-t!"

9:35 We've just learned out Twi expert, Kimmy's dress is from the store called Choice. J'adore it!

9:35 The spots of blue on Kristen Prout's dress remind us of Kristen Stewart's dress in Berlin. We are liking that combo!

9:38 We think Julia's dress is by Marchesa. Details to come!

9:39 Apparently people get nauseous around Alex Meraz. Any fans out there have experiences like that?

9:40 Stephenie Meyer is out from being "incognito." The turqouise necklace is great with the cranberry color, but we're not getting entirely behind her top. Stephenie is "burnt out" on vampires, which is why she won't be returning to "Midnight Sun" soon

9:42 Uh oh, Josh asking the tough critic question to Stephenie. She is defending "writers," she said "this is all very awkward for me." She says she takes the negativity to heart. Aww!

9:44 Stephenie wants the birth scene in "Breaking Dawn" to be "awful" and "scary" in the movie as it is in the books. She, too, is perplexed by making imprinting coming across on the big screen. She also said "please no" to 3-D birth scene.

9:45 David Slade dropped an f-bomb! What is it about these "Twilight" people and f-bombs on MTV?

9:47 David Slade says it was hard to film scenes with Billy Burke and Kristen because they are funny and "awkward" mostly due to Billy's stache!

9:48 Confirmed: Julia Jones' dress is by Marchesa!

9:49 Charlie Bewley is here — he's talking about stopping by tent city last night. He may want to button another button on his shirt though, it's kind of too Miami for us.

9:52 Kimmy is giving her evaluation of the night so far. Stephenie Meyer said hello to her — so cute!

9:53 The screaming is getting louder. We've got to imagine Rob, Taylor, Kristen or ALL of them are here by now.

9:54 Confirmed: Anna Lynne McCord from "90210" is wearing a Nicole Miller dress.

9:55 Aww one of our faves, Peter Facinelli! He's looking dapper in a suit.

9:57 Peter said it too: tent scene. Twi folks out there, do you want to hear more or less about the t-scene?

10:00 The Wolf Pack is surrounding our little Josh!

10:01 Is Kiowa channeling Justin Bieber or vice versa? Discuss.

10:02 Bronson and Kiowa are talking about making "Buns of Steel" videos — we're all FOR this idea!

10:03 Anna Lynne McCord looks beautiful but when she breathes, we're a little worried she may pop out of her dress! "12-year-olds rule the world" seems to be her mantra when it comes to the franchise. Though then she says there is something about the "sexual" nature of the "Twilight" books that gets her. Oxymoron? Yes, maybe.

10:06 VERY loud screeches, we can barely hear Josh! Big three in the house yet? We hope!

10:07 "Glee" star Heather Morris is almost exactly like her character on the show! She loves Kristen and Dakota. Anyone else hoping Ryan Murphy hears this? Cameos next season perhaps? She says she's "Team Stewart" then reluctantly says "Team Edward."

10:08 Kristen Stewart is here and we have A-Rod on deck!

10:10 Tinsel Korey just professed love for "Harry Potter": them's fightin' words.

10:11 Quentin Aaron is making out Josh look tiny.

10:12 Rosalie's ill-fated lover, Jack Huston, is quite smooth in person. He said he hasn't seen the movie yet, but calls his experience "a dream come true."

10:14 Now we like Jack even more: he's a fan of Team USA!

10:15 Pitter patter, there's Xavier! He has a sense of humor too, this is really building him up in our eyes. Robert and Taylor, WATCH OUT!

10:19 Ashley Greene's Grecian draped dress: nice color but the shape does nothing for her bod.

10:21 Josh is starstruck by baseballer Alex Rodriguez! His manager is an executive producer on the movie — who knew? BTW, A. Rod is in a very distinguished Tom Ford suit.

10:23 We love Anna Kendrick! As for her dress, it's a very similar to the silhouette we're used to on her, but we think she looks great. She said she's taking her mom to see "Scott Pilgrim." Cute!

10:26 Whoa! Mama Cullen, is your dress see-through?

10:28 Ross Mathews from "The Tonight Show" just informed us that Robert just arrived, and he's wearing Maroon and his hair is "high and tight."

10:30 Dakota is in a nude (we think one-shoulder) dress — she looks adorable but then again when doesn't she?

10:33 Michael Welch has grown quite the mop of hair and tanned skin. That's about all we have to say about that.

10:36 Billy Burke looks much younger without his mustache. Josh is asking him about the scene in which he has to talk to Bella about her virginity. Man we can't wait to see that scene!

10:29 Nikki Reed has brought her adorable little brother with her to the black carpet. As for her dress, we'd hate to say this, but it's, uh, not adorable. That girl could probably pull of a table cloth, but we just cannot get behind those feathers. Too ice skater meets Bjork, right?

10:40 Rob and Taylor are heading this was the screams are about to shatter windows!

10:41 And we see Kristen... in white! (At least it's not black!)

10:42 Confirmed: Ashley Green's column dress is by Alexis Mabille Couture.

10:43 Best moment of the night YET? Nikki Reed's brother asking her if she's excited to see her own movie. Our heart is melting!

10:44 Finally someone in some sort of a bright color: Bryce Dallas Howard! The mustard yellow dress has a nice vintage feel.

10:47 Spotted: Robert Pattinson ... three feet from our platform and in a full-on maroon suit!

10:50 The security around this guy is tighter than the secret service!

10:51 Does Kellan look more professional/serious in dark hair or what? We'd totally buy a house or take medical advice from him with that look!

10:52 Kellan loves his character even though he only had "4 lines in 'New Moon.'"

10:53 Taylor is inching closer, though he almost just got tackled by a security guard!!

10:54 Things that are comical: Josh consistently interviewing people tonight who are at least two feet taller than him. Ron Artest is a champion in more ways than one: Lakers and "Twilight" fan.

10:56 We are big fans of Jackson with a shorter hair do an lack of bright teal, satin suit jacket. He's very Brandon Walsh meets James Dean tonight.

10:58 Jackson is manhandling Josh! Let's get that tape on rewind!

11:00 Robert coming back to MTV platform!

11:01 And there we have it: another swear word by a "Twilight" star on MTV. What's the tally now?

11:01 Robert's suit is quite unconventional, sure, but it just fits him so well. We like the uniqueness and use of a new color. What about you?

11:02 Tent scene is "the climax of the movie." Taylor's words. We won't use any sexual innuendo here.

11:04 Taylor Lautner sets the record straight: he is not in "The Butcher House Chronicles" with Lea Michele like IMDB claimed!

11:05 How great is Kimmy doing tonight? As a fan, we can imagine how nervous she is, but she's not showing it at all! She's very well spoken!

11:09 Confirmed: Kristen Stewart is in Elie Saab.

11:11 Kristen looks very ready to get inside the premiere, but says she's "not nervous." Our live feed is giving us an excellent side view of her up do — classy. Her dress, however, seems to be missing a sleeve. Perhaps a werewolf ate it? We kid we kid!

11:14 OK back of Kristen's dress= fierce!

11:15 We're almost to end of show time, folks, but there are so many people we didn't see. We had heard Emma Roberts was going to be there, but alas we haven't seen her.

11:18 Kimmy and Josh giving us a few spoilers — ending of "Eclipse" sets us up for "Breaking Dawn" engagement. We'll leave you with that to simmer on. Thanks for staying with us and of course check back with MTV News and Hollywood Crush over the next week for more "Eclipse" coverage, news and scoops!