Lauren Conrad's Final 'Got Milk?' Mustache Ad Revealed!

Lauren ConradBy Jenna Shulman

From TV personality to author to fashion designer, we have seen former “Hills” star Lauren Conrad do it all. And now she has added her name and image to one of the 290+ celebrities in the “Got Milk” campaign. As she recently tweeted : “I just revealed the #gotmilk ad YOU voted for - check it out!”

That’s right — much like Lauren’s career path, this “Got Milk” ad was extremely unique in that the public got to vote on her “look” for the ad. Voters logged on this spring to cast their votes in deciding what dress she would be wearing in the ad. And, if that’s not enough, each vote cast meant a dollar would be donated to

“I’m encouraging teens to drink milk because it’s such an easy way to be healthy and to get fit," Lauren said in a video interview. "And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit down and drink glasses of milk all day, its just about including it in your diet. Whether you’re drinking it in a latte, your drinking it in your cereal in the morning, it’s easy to do and its just such an important part of your diet.”

Voters got to choose between the wholesome “California Girl” look and the flirty/ravishing “Night Out” look. The winner!? “California Girl”. Hmmm, did the Katy Perry song have something to do with the voter’s decisions?

Lauren Conrad

"I’m very excited that California girl milk ad won because it was my favorite ... it felt more me.” Makes sense, Laur, you are from California.

Interested to see what the “Night Out” ad would have looked like if it was chosen? Get a look at the the runner up on Facebook and press play below to hear more from the star herself!

What do you think of Lauren's final Got Milk? ad? Would you rather the nighttime look have been chosen?