Bonnie Wright: We Attempt To Get The 'Harry Potter' Star To Talk Jamie Campbell Bower

When Bonnie Wright walked the red carpet last week at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter grand opening, we were a little surprised her beau and rumored fiancé Jamie Campbell Bower wasn't on her arm. Not only do we know him best for his work in "New Moon," but he also will be playing a young Grindelwald in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," so he would have fit right in at the event.

Apparently he is busy working on "another thing" (we're crossing our fingers that it's for HBO's new "Game of Thrones" show), so he couldn't make it, but that didn't stop us from asking about their very secretive relationship. Since they are the first official crossover relationship from "Twilight" and "Harry Potter," we couldn't resist asking them if they found the publicity surrounding it funny.

Well, Bonnie didn't really answer that, but she did give us a good answer to how the two franchises are different.

"I guess there is so much that surrounds each one, but I feel that they are very different. I know that probably fans cross over, they like both films, but I feel that they are quite different in terms of films. I think 'Harry Potter' kind of came earlier and is entirely different in terms of its depth and in terms of its world that you're immersed by," she said.

It sounds like Bonnie is leaning a bit towards Team Potter in her argument, but she did admit that she's seen the "Twilight" films. "I'd never watched from the beginning, and then I thought, everyone's talking about this, so I better go watch one," she said. "I did watch it, and it's nice to obviously see Rob [Pattinson] doing well because we had him in the fourth film and he's completely kind of rocketed up in terms of teen popularity."

Even though they knew each other from the previous films, Bonnie said it's tough to see Rob and the "Twilight" gang because they film in Vancouver, which is an ocean and a continent away. She did say that they do get to bump into each other at various events, which she enjoyed.


As for her rumored engagement to Jamie, Bonnie kept mum on the issue. And, though she did keep her left hand hidden behind her leg throughout the majority of the interview, we did see a ring on her left hand ring finger. It's different than the one we saw in the photos back in April, but for someone who is being so secretive, wouldn't you want to keep people off your trail, too?

Do you understand Bonnie's evasiveness about her relationship? Are you Team Potter, Team Twilight, or Team WVFE (Wizarding Vampires For Everyone)?