Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner Star On Entertainment Weekly Cover

In case you missed it, the only thing that Entertainment Weekly loves more than "Glee" right now is "The Twilight Saga," so this week's edition of our favorite pop culture magazine is bringing you more cast interviews to promote "Eclipse."


Does the film need any more promotion? Probably not, everyone who is planning on going opening weekend probably already bought their ticket. Still, we love ourselves some RPattz, KStew and TLaut chemistry, so we're serving it to you guys piping hot.

Apparently, in addition to not being able to grab Taylor's pec during the tent scene, Rob was having some difficulties holding it together while saying his line, "Can you at least keep your thoughts to yourself?" We don't quite understand it (and neither does Kristen), but he seems to think that "thoughts" sounds very close to "farts" when you say them out loud.

"The opening line of that scene is 'Can you at least keep your farts to yourself?' I couldn’t quite get over that," he told EW.


Kristen admitted that she feels a lot more at peace in the spotlight nowadays than she did for the first two "Twilight Saga" films. "I feel much more like nobody can take anything from me. Before, I felt literally like my chest was cracked open and people could just reach in and examine and pick at anything they wanted, and it just freaked me right out."

However, she still got in a bit of trouble when she compared the intrusiveness of paparazzi to rape. RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, had issues what Kristen called a "terrible statement" against her, and she ended up issuing an apology.

But Rob jumped quickly to Kristen's defense in this interview, saying that, if it hadn't been for online media outlets prompting the associations, they probably wouldn't have issues any statements.


"That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate," he said. "All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone. All they need is to get a salacious headline and people click on it, because it’s easy."

"See, if I said that? Crucifixion. You can say so much more than me. It’s insane," Kristen countered. "You could say 'I just took a s--- on the Queen’s face,' and people would be like, 'Oh, I love him! I love him!' "

Kristen also cleared up the rumor that Oprah had asked both her and Rob backstage if they were in a relationship before their big show. "She glided over to me – and she was strong, by the way, really firm hands – and she said, 'How are you?' I said, 'Good.' She said, 'Good. Are you nervous?' I said, 'Yeah, I am, but I think I’m okay.' She said, 'Good. We’ll have fun.' And then she just walked away. And that was the most I talked to her backstage."

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Do you think you'll ever get sick of all this "Twilight" coverage? Are you planning on picking up this issue of EW?