'Jersey Shore' Cast Spoofs 'Twilight' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

By Sandrine Milet

Just when we thought that Jimmy Kimmel’s one hour special with pretty much the entire cast of “Eclipse” (just 6 more days!) couldn’t get any better, the cast of the “Jersey Shore” made their grand appearance.

But it’s not what you’re thinking. This time around the gang came together to film their own version of the “Twilight” films, adding a little bit of their “Jersey” flare. Could they be cast in “Breaking Dawn”? I’m sure Twihards wouldn’t be too thrilled about that, but the parody was laugh out loud hilarious, poking fun of our favorite “guidos” and vampires.

In “Friggin’ Twilight” Snooki stars as Bella, Pauly D as the overly hairy wolf Jacob, and The Situation as the leading man, Edward. Of course The Situation didn’t leave us without a quick look at his abs or a snapshot of him working on his fitness, but keeping in the spirit of the movie, this time his abs glistened in the sun.

But wait, something was definitely different about The Situation. Where was his tan? Of course playing Edward means you have to be pale, but some things just don’t ever change. By the end of the clip the new Edward says, “Damn this tan is taking forever,” as he closes a coffin-like tanning bed with none other than a huge Italian flag.

And of course the infamous birthday scene from "New Moon" was referenced, but Bella’s birthday cake is a huge pickle-filled cake in this version. Most of us would cringe, but Snooki, the pickle-loving girl from the "Shore," couldn’t resist.

What about Victoria? It wasn’t surprising to find Angelina playing the villainous vampire role, as she explained, “that’s right, Angelina’s back, I mean Victoria, whatever.”

Jimmy Kimmel even made a cameo appearance, acting as Bella’s father, the cop from Forks!

Check out a clip from the Jersey Shore’s “Friggin’ Twilight” below!

What did you think of the parody: Funny? Not funny? What about Kimmel as a cop? Finally, are you craving pickles now, too?