'Eclipse' Scribe Melissa Rosenberg Envisions More 'Twilight' Spin-Offs From Stephenie Meyer

Bree Tanner's story has been told, and now every fan of Stephenie Meyer seems to be waiting with baited breath to see what the author behind "The Twilight Saga" has coming next. By writing "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner," she has told all of her readers that the characters she has created aren't ready to disappear now that Bella's story has been told, so when we caught up with "Twilight Saga" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, we couldn't resist asking her if she knew which characters would be getting the spin-off treatment yet.

One thing's for sure is that it won't be Edward. In a recent interview with some fan websites, Stephenie remained very emphatic that she wouldn't be completing "Midnight Sun" any time soon. And, while Melissa didn't have any insight into Stephenie's upcoming plans, she did have a few suggestions of her own.

"I'm very interested in Leah, the female wolf. That's a really interesting character," she said. "Any of the Volturi are really fascinating to me. And they have very interesting back stories."

Melissa's list seems a little similar to ours, but she has the benefit of hearing many of the characters' back stories from the source. Just like any good writer should, Stephenie is already well versed in her characters' lives, even if those tales haven't made their way to print.

"She's got a lot of mythology that doesn't end up on the page but there are some really interesting stories back there," Melissa said. "I'll ask her, for instance, how did Caius and Aro and Marcus come to be, and she's got a very — I mean, it's a really great story! I mean, I'd love to see that in print one day, and I don't know, maybe it will be."

Do you agree with Melissa's suggestions on who should get the spin-off treatment next? Which other character's story do you want to see told first?