'Eclipse' Cast On 'Kimmel': Robert Pattinson Reveals What The Wolf Pack Lost To Keep PG-13 Rating

Eclipse On KimmelWhat's better than getting pretty much the entire cast of "Eclipse" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" all on the same night? Getting pretty much the entire cast on the show, having the men and ladies of "Jersey Shore" remake the films (more on this later!), and having the Twi-crazed audience boo Justin Beiber, that's what.

And while we still need to teach Summit that "exclusive, never before seen" clips don't include scenes that we have seen most of in trailers, we've got to say that Jimmy's Total Eclipse of the Heart episode was a total win in our books.

Guests for the episode included Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, Peter Facinelli, Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz and Julia Jones. For the record, we know that no recap we ever do will do justice to the entire hour long bit of hilarity, so we're just going to do the best we can by highlighting our favorite parts.

But first, let's go over all the segments of the interview we've seen before. Peter referenced making his kids sleep in Carlisle t-shirts, Bryce and Xavier told both the raccoon (with photos) and Australian accent stories from their Interview piece, and Bryce's dad Ron Howard wanting a photo with Rob story as well as the Kristen petting Taylor's head story from this USA Today article.


Hands down the funniest part of Jimmy's interview was when Rob revealed an "easter egg" from "Eclipse": none of the wolf pack have any genitalia. Apparently wolf dangly parts aren't included in a PG-13 rating, so they need to cut them out. The vampires, Rob promised, as "all there," though.

Another great moment came from a graphic that flashed across the screen before a commercial break, that listed the amount of people in the audience who thought Rob would one day marry them as 31 percent. This wasn't your average late night crowd, either, and we're estimating that several hundred fans were able to be there for the screening.

The end of the show was resigned for fan questions, and while the questions were fairly typical ("Taylor, take off your shirt!" and "Kristen, how do you like your Rob?") the responses were actually pretty funny. One girl asked if Peter ever plays vampire with his wife, Jenny Garth, and he replied, "No, but I do play doctor."

Another girl asked Kristen if she liked Rob better with or without his vampire make up, which she dogged by saying that both Rob's white make up and Taylor's brown make up get all over her face in the kissing scenes. "I like seeing her with brown make up all over her face," Rob joked with a laugh, to which Jimmy quickly followed with, "It's like making out with Oprah." Zing!

Apparently the "Twilight" audience is not a fan of Justin Beiber, because when one girl asked the cast if they had a cast of Beiber Fever (only Peter does), she was met with resounding boos. "We've got to get that Justin Beiber in the next movie," Jimmy suggested, which encouraged more boos, and then he added, "Or we could just kill him," which received cheers. A little harsh if you ask us, but to each fan base their own.

There were a couple gimmicks that Jimmy did for the special episode. The first was when we interrupted an "Eclipse" screening he was hosting to broadcast from his set directly into the cinema. At this point, only Kristen, Rob and Taylor were being interviewed, so when Jimmy suggested an onscreen kiss from them, Kristen pushed Rob and Taylor's heads together. If only!

Then he also premiered the aforementioned "exclusive" clip, which we wouldn't really deem as exclusive. We're going to be honest, we aren't sure if it's an actual clip out of the film or just a montage from the latter half of the film, but it included the shots we've already seen of Riley leading the newborns out of the water, and then switched to Bella, Edward and wolf-form Jacob in the mountains. Edward says, "It's started," and then the scene cuts to the battle sequences we've seen in the trailer. We guess we'll have to wait until June 30 to figure out what Summit provided "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

The last question came from Adam from Lexington, Ky, who asked if there was anything from the book that the cast wished had made it into the movie, and we had the displeasure to be reminded that Carlisle's flashbacks didn't make their way to film. Kristen gave the best response though when she said, "I wish I was cooking for Charlie the whole time. So bad."

Oh, and Peter kept referring to Taylor as "Jacob." Life imitating art? At least they have a nice break before "Breaking Dawn."

Did you catch the special episode? Which were your favorite parts?