'Eclipse' Premiere Update: On The Scene With Fans Camping Out Since Saturday!

"Twilight" fans, we respect you. Seriously. There have been many forms of fandom in the past, from Trekkies to Ringers to Pottermaniacs, and they all have had their varying forms of dedication. And while you haven't learned to speak Elvish or Klingon fluently, and don't know every spell and wand movement back and forth, your dedication to the source material is enough to make us want to build a statue in your honor.

Case in point: fans have been camping out for days in the hot Los Angeles sun with the hope of just a glimpse of one of the stars of "Eclipse," and maybe an autograph. The "Eclipse" premiere isn't until Thursday night (don't forget to watch our livestream of the red carpet!), but people have been waiting in front of the Nokia Theatre since Saturday.

"We've been here for three days, and we are braving the sun, which is kind of evil," Cherylyn from Littlerock, California, told MTV News on Tuesday. Fortunately for the, the Hilton Garden Inn has been handing out supplies to make sleeping outside easier.

And don't think it's just fans from California who have made the trek to the premiere. Some people even came from outside of the country to be there for the event. I flew all the way from Sweden to L.A. just to be here and support Kristen and Rob and 'Eclipse,' " Sara Mendoza said.

What would it take to make waiting in line worth it? "We're going to try and get autographs," Sarah Freas said. "I would love to talk to them, be like, 'We love you!' "

Her friend Ben Williams agreed. "Yeah, just get autographs, basically. [Getting] a picture would be cool, but I don't think we'll be close enough."

With all the publicity about how long fans have been waiting, we hope the stars of "Eclipse" take their time with fans to show that the love goes both ways. But as for conversation, we think it might be smart to keep it to a minimum.

"If I saw Edward, or Robert," said fan Molly Jank, as she held a life-size cutout of RPattz, "I would cry. Then I would make him sign something, and then I would tell him that I would see him later because I'm marrying him."

We'll be live at the L.A. premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" on Thursday, June 24. Tune in to Movies.MTV.com at 9:30 ET (8:30 Central) for our red-carpet webcast, and watch us chat with Robert, Kristen, Taylor and all your favorite stars. And don't forget to submit your burning 'Eclipse' questions!

Are you as impressed as we are with "Twilight" fans? Did you contemplate trying to go to the premiere?