'Eclipse' Cast Responds: What Will Your Character Be Doing 100 Years From Now?

CullensIf you already have your ticket to go see "Eclipse" opening night (and about six times between Wednesday and Sunday), then chances are you don't need an "Eclipse" cheat sheet.

But The Los Angeles Times, who has always had some pretty great coverage of "The Twilight Saga," decided to create one anyway for all those other potential ticket buyers out there whose disinterest caused "New Moon" to have such short-lived box office power.

But before we get into what we liked about their article, let's put in a little cheat sheet of our own for theirs. First of all, while vampires live forever (until they have their body torn apart and burnt to ashes), werewolves in Stephenie Meyer's world do not. In fact, werewolves only come into their true forms because they have vampires to defend against. That means, they age normally like your average humans, and don’t have any special powers when the sparkly ones aren't around.

Second, and I guess this deserves a spoiler alert, but Victoria and Riley don't live past the end of this film. ...Yeah.

With both of those in mind, we really like that the LA Times asked a certain few of the "Eclipse" cast members where they would be in 100 years. Peter Facinelli said he expects Carlisle to still be a doctor, maybe even in Forks. Elizabeth Reaser gave a truly Esme-worthy response and said, "I want [Esme and Carlisle] to adopt more babies!"

Nikki Reed gave the best answer of them all, saying Rosalie would be "planning my 90th wedding because I keep making Emmett marry me and reliving that. It's so amazing that he does everything I say." Jackson Rathbone gave a similarly romantic response, saying, "Jasper would be right behind Alice; wherever she is, he'll be there."

But it was Kellan Lutz's answer that had us start getting a little worried. He said he would "sit back until the newborns create a global resistance for him to take out," because "there's not enough enemies for Emmett to really be concerned about." Huh wha? Did we miss something? Emmett only has a few months after the start of "Eclipse" to worry about the newborns, so why are we talking about a century into the future?

EclipseAlso, why ask the cast of the wolf pack what they would be doing in 100 years? Well, they'll be dead, but at least their puppies will live on. Julia Jones answered by saying Leah would be "tired," while Alex Meraz acknowledged that Paul probably wouldn't be alive that long. Chaske Spencer said Sam would be "sitting up on a mountain in a rocking chair… just kicking it."

And we'll view Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel's responses as pure fantasy for their characters. Xavier said he thinks Riley "would be on a boat with Victoria, feeling the breeze and just having a really, wonderful, lovely time," while Bryce said a little more realistically, "It depends what happens with Edward and Bella. I think she's so devastated by the loss of James that she would not stop until the Cullens were finished."

We should add that they didn't ask that question to Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner or Ashley Greene... the four people we really would have liked to hear the answer from.

Did you like the LA Times article even though it only partially made sense? What do you think those characters who are still around would be doing a century down the road?