'Eclipse' Star Jackson Rathbone's Teen Nickname Revealed On 'When I Was 17': DJ Joyride

By Sandrine Milet

We all know Jackson Rathbone as Jasper in the “Twilight Saga,” and soon you’ll be familiar with his upcoming role in “The Last Airbender,” but does anyone remember Jackson when he was called “DJ Joyride”?

In the new episode of MTV's “When I Was 17," which airs this Saturday, Jackson reveals his popular DJ name which helped him ear some extra cash. “When I was back home for the holidays, especially for the summer, I would DJ weddings, birthday parties, all types of events,” he starts to explain. “I was DJ Joyride. I don't know why — sounded cool at the time,” he laughed.

Although his friend, Jon, seemed to have an idea as to why he used the name, confirming, “because he was the only one who had a car.”

When Jackson wasn’t dropping beats, the actor and his friends were always trying to find clever ways to pull pranks on each other. “We were kind of the prank-war gods so to speak,” his friend Ben attested.

But Jackson recalls a time where the prank was turned on him and his friends. After realizing that their plastic goose, their “trophy piece,” had been stolen by their friend and replaced with a ransom note, Jackson and his pals fired back with a new trick.

“To get him back, we asked the girl that he liked to write him a note saying to meet him at the beach at a certain time," Jackson admitted. “He goes down to the beach. We all jump out of the bushes, hog-tie him, rip his shirt off, write 'goose thief' on his chest and make him walk to the dorm in his boxers, hands tied behind his back for all the world to see what a goose thief gets.”

"When I Was 17" — this week featuring Jackson Rathbone, Keri Hilson and Johnny Weir — airs Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.