'Eclipse' Star Peter Facinelli: 'It's Cute When My Kids Wear Carlisle T-Shirts'

Peter Facinelli's kids might get to enjoy some amazing perks — movie premieres, free stuff, sharing the prized genetic material of the Cullen patriarch and "90210" beauty Jennie Garth — but it's not all fun and games in the Facinelli-Garth household. Peter can also be strict. Like when he makes his three daughters wear T-shirts with his face emblazoned across the front at all times.

A sample exchange between father and child: "Put your Carlisle t-shirt on for school, kids! 'Again, dad? I wore it all week,''' joked Peter when chatting with MTV News about "Eclipse" last week.

Truthfully, though, Peter said the kids do wear "Twilight" apparel. Just not every day. "It's cute when my kids wear the Carlisle t-shirts. They always wear them to bed."

"That's so cute," said co-star Elizabeth Reaser, before asking the logical next question. "What about Jennie?"

We're not sure if Peter's wife wears any Carlisle clothing, but costar Nikki Reed said that like Peter's kids, her younger brother wears "Twilight" merch from time to time. "I have a 10-year-old brother and it's very similar," she said. "Although he doesn't wear a Rosalie t-shirt."

While Elizabeth is partial to the "Twilight"-branded chocolate, Peter said he also enjoys "Twilight" merchandise that isn't modeled after his own image. "I like the replicas of the jewelry, because we all have the Cullen crest. So Carlisle has the ring, [Rosalie has] the big huge necklace and [Esme has] the bracelet. It's always fun to see people actually wearing that because it's symbolic to our family too."

Would you wear a Carlisle shirt? Did you laugh as hard as we did when you watched the video above? What's your favorite piece of "Twilight" merchandise?