The 'Disaster In The Gulf' Telethon And Demi Lovato's Big Numbers In Today's Tweet Dreams

Ian SomerhalderHollywood finally banded together last night to do their part to raise money for the oil spill disaster that's ravaged the Gulf Coast. The CNN telethon called "Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help" aired last night, and celebs helped bring in much-needed aid. As Ryan Seacrest reported today, "Final numbers from @kingsthings 1.8 million raised last night for people & animals needing help now! This is going to those who cannot wait." Meanwhile, Ian Somerhalder, who also appeared, showed his gratitude by tweeting, "I'm humbled by and grateful for all of the support yesterday for our Gulf. The people of the Gulf and especially the people of Grand Isle," later adding, "Want to say thank you around the world and at home. It means so much you have no idea..."

There was an even more staggering figure floating around the Twitterverse, which was just how many followers Demi Lovato has acquired. Demi excitedly posted, "OMG 2,000,000 FOLLOWERS?!?!! I JUST SAW THIS!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! :D BEST way to start my day!!!! #myfansareTHEBEST."Now, if only all of Demi's followers could donate to the oil disaster, too!

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@ashleytisdale Shooting the first musical number today!!!! Yay!!

-Ashley Tisdale, Singer, Actress ("Hellcats," "High School Musical")

@justinbieber At rehearsals. One more day and the MY WORLD TOUR starts!! Can't really believe it. Hope it all runs right. Haha.

-Justin Bieber, Singer

@padmalakshmi Ahhh!! Was just trying to catch a cab and almost got run over by a bus with my own face on it! I guess fame really can kill ;)

-Padma Lakshmi, Reality TV Host ("Top Chef")

@dannymasterson Wow. I feel I'm finally worthy. Hahaha.

-Danny Masterson, Actor ("That 70's Show")

@petewentz Got a haircut. I feel lighter. brainwaves are again surf-able.

-Pete Wentz, Musician (Fall Out Boy)

@colin_hanks the #worldcup What’s happening? ads on #espn makes me wish they made a Ferris Buller soundtrack. i know you think they did, but they didn't. trust me.

-Colin Hanks, Actor ("The Good Guys," "Orange County")

@chriscolfer Have you ever come back from a trip and had to make up untrue historical facts about stupid stuff you took pictures of?

-Chris Colfer, Actor ("Glee")

@mariolopezextra What's up with bachelor Jake being a bachelor again. SHOCKED him and Vienna split! Thought that would last forever...

-Mario Lopez, Actor, TV Host ("Saved By The Bell," "Extra")

@thekatvond Everyday I'm becoming more and more obsessed with hummingbirds...

-Kat Von D, Reality Star ("LA Ink")

@breanneduren pretzels r delicious! and they have an awesome name. anything with a z in it just sounds exciting

-Breanne Duren, Musician (Owl City)