'Eclipse' Premiere Fashion Recap: Our Take On Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed And More!

It's been a long six months since "New Moon," but "Twilight" fans were finally rewarded Thursday night as their favorite stars hit the red carpet for the debut of "Eclipse." Now, we know most of you are probably recovering from the awesomeness that was the premiere, so we made sure to capture all the fashion highlights (and some lowlights) for you. So, to all our dear Twihards out there, relax, sit back and indulge ... you've definitely earned it.

We really wanted to like Kristen Stewart's look at the premiere but we simply couldn't fall for her one-shoulder Elie Saab dress. While the back was definitely something to talk about (and remember!), the front was too awkward for our taste. The thick fabric wasn't helping our girl out much either, although we will say we were happy to see her in something other than black for once! Special shoutout, however, to her hair (Frederic Fekkai’s Adir Abergel) and makeup people because as always they worked their magic and make Kristen look great.

Ashley Greene didn't fare much better last night in a flowy periwinkle gown by Alexis Mabille Couture. We liked the color on her, but as a general rule of thumb we don't support dresses that look like bed sheets.

We asked readers on Twitter (follow @hollywoodcrush!) who they thought designed Nikki Reed's dress and some people guessed a "swan." It was actually Marchesa but we don't blame them for thinking otherwise. After all, Nikki's outfit was drenched in feathers. On the flip side, her hair and makeup looked good...now, if only someone had thought to pluck the skirt before she stepped out the door.

Julia Jones also rocked Marchesa last night, but her look actually worked. The strapless dress was all class, and we loved the pulled back hair and simple accessories.

Dakota Fanning looked super cute in Elie Saab at the premiere, but enough with the nude colors! We think it's high time she branched out to something bolder and brighter. She needs to look no farther than Bryce Dallas Howard for a lesson in vibrancy. Her golden yellow Dior dress was a total win for us.


What were your favorite looks from the "Eclipse" premiere? Do you agree with our reviews?