'True Blood' EXCLUSIVE: Shapeshifter Lays The Smack Down On Vampires & Werewolves!

Marshall Allman And Sam TrammellThere are many dangerous creatures lurking about on "True Blood" from vampires to werewolves, but one supernatural species that often gets overlooked is the shapeshifter. Previously only represented by Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), the shape-shifting world has opened up considerably in this third season thanks to the arrival of Sam's brother Tommy Mickens, played by Marshall Allman.

During our exclusive interview with Marshall, we asked the "True Blood" actor if he thought that a shapeshifter could hold its own in a fight against a vampire and a werewolf. Not only did Marshall say that a shapeshifter would hold up just fine, he believes that the shapeshifter would win without any difficulty whatsoever!

"The shapeshifter wins instantly!" he declared, saying that the werewolf would be the first supernatural creature to fall in the fight.

"Werewolves don't have control over their [transformations] as perfectly as a shapeshifter. They do, in a sense, but they'll involuntarily shift into a werewolf," explained the actor. "And they can only shift into a stupid wolf, but shapeshifters can shift into whatever they want! I can shapeshift into an elephant, a bird, a fly, a tiny endangered salamander that you wouldn't be able to even see — but with PETA on my side, I could shut down an entire corporation! I can do all kinds of things. The werewolf gets taken out very quick."

As for the vampire? Marshall has a winning strategy for how a shapeshifter could take out a bloodsucker by becoming a bloodsucker.

"I could shapeshift into a mosquito and drink a little V, then I'm right on par with their strength," he said. "As soon as they try to fang me, I turn into something like a porcupine. Can you imagine a vampire trying to suck blood from a porcupine? Have fun, buddy! Not to mention that they wouldn't even like a porcupine's blood!"

In short, Marshall doesn't think there's much of a contest between shapeshifters and any other supernatural creature on "True Blood," vampires included.

"There's all this allure because the vampires have good PR, but who's out there doing PR for the shapeshifters? They're not as sexy, but they're definitely way more useful," he said. "I'm excited for ['True Blood'] to get its priorities straight and set the audience on which supernatural really has the hierarchy here!"

Do you agree with Marshall about a shapeshifter's chances against vampires and werewolves? Weigh in on the conflict in the comments section and on Twitter!