Taylor Lautner's Prep For 'Abduction' Includes: Training For Fights, Motorcycles And Bodies Of Water

By Sandrine Milet

We’re all familiar with the amount of training that went into sculpting Taylor Lautner’s heavenly body for the “Twilight Saga,” but you may not know that Taylor is hitting the gym once again in preparation for his upcoming role in “Abduction.”

But this time around, he doesn’t need to gain more muscle — instead he’s using his workouts to help him in other aspects of the movie, which will be full of action and stunts. "I did boxing training for a couple months," he told MTV News during the "Eclipse" junket. "Now I'm into the fight training, motorcycle, I think when I get to Pittsburgh, do a little swimming training. It's all around. It's going to be a lot of fun."

So does this mean that we’ll be seeing more of Taylor’s tight abs? Well Lily Collins, his co-star, recently told MTV News that she certainly seems to think so, while teasing, “everyone would totally hate [seeing his abs], right?” We’ll have to wait and see!

But joking aside, Taylor is quick to clarify that the most central part of “Abduction” is the great story. “I love action, but most important is the story,” he explained adding, “and the story behind this action thriller is amazing.”

So what’s the highly anticipated plot? “Abduction” tells the story of a young man, who sets out to find his birth-parents after stumbling upon his baby picture on a missing-person’s website. But he soon finds himself caught in a world of action, spies, and stunts.

Not only does the film have a great story, but Taylor is so happy to be working with great talent. “We got [director] John Singleton behind us. ... I'm so thankful we're getting a cast like that”.

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