Miley Cyrus Describes Can't Be Tamed Album: It's 'About Being Who You Are'

By George Loomis

We can all easily tell that Miley Cyrus’ new album is about declaring the young artist as her own person. But something we should know: not only can’t Miley be tamed by a boyfriend, she can’t be programmed or controlled by those around her. On her new EP Can’t Be Tamed (she performed a six-song set last night via an MTV live stream to celebrate its release!), Miley finally has the confidence to assert that she runs the show. Not anyone else!

“I’m a completely different person [than when I released 2008’s Breakout]. I’m much more confident. You know, I’ve always been a confident person, but I was going through a lot then,” the star of the upcoming film “LOL” told MTV News on Friday, June 18th. “I was younger, and I didn’t really know myself.”

What Miley really can’t stand is the idea that she should be told what to do by other people. “There’s so many people in your life telling you who you should and shouldn’t be,” the singer-actress confessed, regarding an issue she also discussed on “Good Morning America” that morning. “And that’s what Tamed [is] about. It’s about being who you are to the fullest. And now I know who that is.”

Miley easily named “Robot” as a song that reveals how much she has learned about herself in recent years. “It’s about not letting people tell you who you shouldn’t and should be,” she declared, speaking of “Robot.” “And [it’s] about people that try to tell you: ‘This is what you need to sell. Look relatable.’ It’s like, ‘I am relatable.’”

And that’s not all, folks! "The Last Song” star is also sick and tired of people talking about her dad (in the wrong way). Regarding pictures of Papa Cyrus picking up after his dog, Miley insists that everyone should remember that nothing is intriguing about these photos, because Billy Ray is really just abiding by the law like everyone else.

“My dad has been in the spotlight for 20 years now, and still every time he walks his dog, they’re saying, ‘Billy Ray picks up dog poop,’” Miley said, addressing criticism of celebrities. “It’s like, ‘That’s a law in California, folks.’ You gotta do what you gotta do. That’s life for you. That’s life in the spotlight. It’s never gonna change.”

What do you think of Miley’s newfound confidence, and can you hear it in her music? Do you think it’s good for her to get so much off her chest?